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Your Clothes and Possessions May be Making you Unhappy! Find out How Avoid This

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If you're constantly filling your wardrobe and space around you with useless possessions, prepare for serious obstacles in the future because this habit predisposes you to attracting negative energy.

According to esotericism and folk beliefs, cluttering up with clothes and possessions will attract problems of a physical and psychological nature. If problems have been coming at you one after the other lately, take a good look at the setting in which you're finding yourself in.

If there's clothes everything and you don't even wear most of them, or you've got possessions up to your neck you haven't used, it's time to bring order and throw out everything that you no longer need.

Below you can find out what you should definitely throw out in order to get rid of your bad luck.

Black Clothes
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1. Don't wear clothes that have any connection to a negative experience

Don't wear clothes that you relate to negative emotions and experiences. These are likely to bring back memories of the event and attract new negative events to your life. As such, it is better to throw them out of your wardrobe and never put them on again.

2. Don't wear all black

The color black is linked to darkness and sorrow, so if you're looking for good luck, don't wear that much of it. Never wear all black, this includes accessories. This color can be an obstacle to creating a positive mindset and could drive you to look at everything around you in a skeptical and negative way.

3. Don't wear the same clothes for too long

The tip for changing out the clothes in your wardrobe and making changes at home is also a useful one in the spiritual sense. Small changes in your outer appearance or in your setting will allow you rid yourself of everything negative and start anew. So it's not wise to wear the same clothes for years if you desire change.