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Feng Shui principles for better communication


To facilitate communication with all people, just say what you think, each time starting sentences with the word "I".

Listen. Try to repeat the claims of others, so that they know that you heard what they said.

Protect yourself by avoiding bad relationships. When we fully communicate with someone, we are free to say whatever we want to express our true feelings and to act as we see fit.

Unhealthy relationships are those in which we try to change to meet others needs, be careful with what we say or what we do because our fear of conviction or adverse reaction, or end up doing things that undermine our sense of personal integrity.

Use humor to turn negative energy off. A basic Feng Shui cure for bad energy crystal can disperse the dark cloud of negative energy in thousands of sparkling bits of light. Humor can act as crystal and turn tension into laughter.

Send back the image. Sometimes people do not realize how negative energy can be emitted. Often copying their behavior and directing it back to them is enough to make them stop.

After years of harassment by her older brother, a young woman decided she would no longer accept the insults. The next time he called her stupid, she calmly replied, "you just just insulted me, calling me stupid."

Brother looked shocked and replied, "Why are you so sensitive? " However, she maintained control and continued to send the mirror image.

After a few such cases the brother himself stopped before another insult and rephrased his sentence in a completely different way. The mirror image worked.