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Feng Shui Horoscope 2014 for the Horse

Feng Shui

According to the eastern calendar, a Horse is anyone born in 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002 and 2014. The Horse is attractive, outgoing, sociable, an optimist and a pleasure seeker. Hard-working, practical, with a rapidly changing mood.

Friends of the Horse are the Dog and Tiger, the Goat is its secret friend. The Rat often has conflicts with the Horse. A successful day for the Horse is Tuesday, while Wednesday he has no luck.

Throughout 2014 - the year of the Horse, you will experience both good and bad events, which will affect your life. In your year, luck is entirely on your side. It would be enough to display just a little bit of persistence and you may achieve everything.

You yourself feel as though you can lift mountains this year, that is how powerful and loaded with energy you feel. Luck will be with you year-long but this does not mean that you should depend on it entirely.


A circle of jade in your office or workplace will boost your luck. A Horse dealing with politics will reap incredible successes.

Don't take up too many ventures, for you need to keep what you've already managed to achieve. Luck will be with you throughout the year but you must advance by very small steps, in order not to lose hold of what you already have.

Luck accompanies you at work, but you may have problems dealing with health. The level of stress this year will be quite high, which is why it would be wise to prepare to withstand the predicaments that will jolt you at work.


Envious people will come about, who will try to get in your way of finishing important projects that you have dedicated a lot of time to.

A gold chain about your neck will protect you from health problems this year. In 2014, do not begin remodeling or any other activities that have to do with a lot of noise.

When it comes to love, things will go well like never before. Plenty of dates and adventures await you, which will smoothly transition from one to the next, but you won't be unable to attach yourself to anyone for long.

Despite this, you will enjoy giving in to the pleasure of meeting new people, without having to have serious relationships with them. And plus, you've had a problematic relationship quite recently.

Luck won't leave your side if you place a figurine in the shape of a tiger, horse or dog in your home.