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Kabbalah recommends wearing red thread on your wrist

Kabbalah recommends wearing red thread on your wrist

Many celebrities from around the world have recently been seen wearing a bunch of red string. In some countries, it is considered a sure way to protect from jinxes, but most of its popularity can be attributed to more and more people following the religious teachings of Kabbalah.

According to Kabbalah, red thread is a powerful energy channeling agent that has the ability to influence fate and human behavior. It helps people succeed in their endeavors.

Red thread tied on the wrist of your left hand protects from negative energy and helps achieve your desired objectives. Red thread is tied on the left hand, as it is believed that negative energy attack us from the left.

Red thread is a barrier to negative energy and bad thoughts. To get the red thread to work properly, it must be bound by specific rules.

The red thread will protect you only if it is tied by a person whom you love and whom you trust. This is most often parents, grandparents or other loved ones.

The red thread must have seven knots, each of the knots symbolizes a certain god. While you tie the red thread to your hand you should wish for protection from bad influences and bad thoughts.

The most powerful protective red threads are bought in the small Israeli town of Netivot, where they are made by cutting special thread, with which the tomb of an ancestor of the Jews - Rachel was wrapped.

Kabbalah centers worldwide also sell such threads. You can also use a simple red thread, as long as you charge it with the energy of your loved one, who will tie to your wrist.

If a person suddenly becomes ill, their close ones should tie a scarlet thread of woolen yarn to their left hand. This thread should have seventy-seven small nodules.