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What Does it Mean if Your Nose Itches?

What Does it Mean if Your Nose Itches?

What does it mean if your nose itches? Does happiness await you, or are difficulties and troubles coming up? As much as we don't admit it, each of us is superstitious - some people to a greater extent, some not so much. Some of the biggest superstitions come from an itchy nose.

There are all sorts of superstitions about what awaits you if you get itchy somewhere. The most common superstition is that if your nose itches, a scandal awaits you soon. To avoid trouble, you should lightly tap your nose. If the tip of your nose itches, something upleasant is sure to happen.

According to some people, the interpretation of an itchy nose has two directions - if your nose is itchy on the outside and if your nose is itchy on the inside. Itching on the outside of the nose in Anglo-Saxon belief means you will either meet or kiss a fool within an hour.

This is an extremely interesting superstition and to avoid it, you need to kiss your hand. In some countries, this interpretation is absolutely unknown, but it still does not prevent you from kissing your hand to avoid trouble. An itch on the inside of the nose means upcoming problems and misfortunes, but some people also interpret it as a sign of good news.

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