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The Dalai Lama's Table Makes Wishes Come True

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama's table can very easily show you if your wish will come true, as well as where the key to realizing your wishes lies hidden. This type of divination is considered extremely accurate.

Before you use the table, close your eyes, think of a wish and stop the mouse pointer over one of the numbers in the magical table. The interpretation of the number will predict whether your wish will come true.

1- Think deeply on your words and actions before you do anything;

2- It would be better to keep your opinion to yourself;

3- Expect good news;

4- Continue to believe, a great reward awaits you;

5- A wonderful surprise in just a few days;

6- Have patience and you will be pleasantly surprised;

7- It's best not to do anything;

8- An influential person will help you succeed;

9- You need to make a small change, in order to have success;

10- Great happiness awaits you;

11- Your wish coming true depends entirely on you;

12- You need to be as sincere as possible;

Dalai Lama table

13- You will meet someone this week;

14- Luck is right in front of you;

15- Don't talk needlessly;

16- Luck in career and business;

17- Don't give up and you will succeed;

18- Fate supports you;

19- You will meet new friends;

20- You will have successes this year;

21- Luck is with you;

22- Enjoy the wonders of today;

23- Listen to your heart, it's giving you the answer;

24- Be careful what you share;

25- Have patience, everything will settle into place;

26- Your wish will come true today;

27- Share your happiness with friends;

28- A small change will make your wish come true;

29- Fate supports you;

30- Think well on your decision;

31- Your wish will come true soon;

32- Be done with past tasks;

33- Think carefully on your words and actions;

34- Respect yourself more;

35- An important event is coming;

36- Your wish will come true if you have patience;

37- A surprise this week;

38- Events will pleasantly surprise you;

39- There is a person who dreams of you;

40- You need to be more decisive for your wish to come true;

41- Important tasks await you this year;

42- You make your own fate;

43- You will receive what you want this very year;

44- Be more confident;

45- Be careful with your words;

46- Starting next month, things will settle into place;

47- With time, things will come to pass;

48- More happiness awaits you next month;

49- Meeting a new person;

50- Be more patient;

51- You have a secret admirer;

52- Soon everyone will speak of your successes;

53- Great winnings await you;

54- Listen to your intuition;

55- Luck in your undertakings;

56- Expect good news;

57- Expect a surprise;

58- A bit more effort is required;

59- Think carefully before you act;

60- Successes will come soon;

61- Enjoy what you have;

62- You will have luck;

63- Your wish will come true today;

64- You will share your happiness with friends;

65- Take the first steps toward your goal;

66- Think well before you act;

67- Soon everyone will speak of your successes

68- Listen to your intuition;

69- Luck in career;

70- Someone is thinking about you and awaits your decision;

71- Fulfilling your wish depends solely on you;

72- A small change is needed for your wish to come true;

73- A person who will help you will soon appear;

74- The obstacles in your way will soon vanish;

75- A very pleasant surprise awaits you;

76- A break will provide you with the necessary decision;

77- You will have luck;

78- Act wisely and success will come;

79- Your wish will come true today;

80- Next year you will have better luck;

81- A huge surprise awaits you;

82- You will receive way you've been wishing for;

83- You have an admirer;

84- Great success is to come;

85- Do something unusual in order to be pleasantly surprised;

86- Set aside some free time;

87- It's better to keep quiet;

88- Be careful not to pass by your luck;

89- Only 1 of your wishes will come true;

90- 2 of your wishes will come true;

91- 3 of your wishes will come true;

92- All of your wishes will come true;

93- Success will come slowly;

94- You will have better luck next year;

95- You need to make a few changes;

96- Expect a great victory;

97- Expect good news;

98- You will have luck in career;

99- Someone is thinking about you;

100- You can make your wish come true on your own.