Deja Vu

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The five most inexplicable phenomenaThe five most inexplicable phenomena
Scientists from around the world for decades have been trying to unravel the mystery of five of the most unexplainable phenomena but continue to try in vain. The first is the way the brain affects the body. Medicine is...
Signs That your Soul has Reincarnated BeforeSigns That your Soul has Reincarnated Before
Humanity has been interested in the subject of reincarnation for millennia. Ancient civilizations believed that after the death of the body, the soul continued its earthly journey in a new form. Although there's...
Have I ever lived here beforeHave I ever lived here before
Have I ever lived here before? - Surely this is something that almost everyone has asked. This explains why in some places you've never visited, you feel very familiar and even know the smallest details. Is it mandatory...
The Power and Experience of Our Past LivesThe Power and Experience of Our Past Lives
As shown on the American Oprah show, researching past lives can solve some of the problems you are facing in this life. But whether past life is reality or not. No one can prove whether past lives are an absolute fact or...
Edgar Cayce and the messages in our dreamsEdgar Cayce and the messages in our dreams
People wanting to seek the truth about dreams more often will fall into the fascinating life of Edgar Cayce, an incredible man who healed the sick through his dreams. His teachings from back in history still to this day fascinate...