Killer Clown Murder
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After 27 Years, Killer Clown from US Finally Caught

After a 27-year investigation, police in the US have uncovered the identity of the killer clown who, on May 26, 1990, shot and killed Marlene Warren in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The woman had just opened the door of her home to go out and buy flowers and balloons, when a stranger, dressed in a clown costume, killed her in front of her son and his friends.

Witnesses stated that the clown hadn't said a single word to his victim, while the chief investigator told the press that he had never seen such an unscrupulous murder throughout his 19-year career.

Killer Clown Suspect
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The prime suspect was Marlene's husband - Michael Warren. For several months, the 2 had been having serious marital problems, with some even saying that they were facing divorce.

But police never found solid evidence against Michael at the time and all charges were dropped.

Throughout the course of the investigation, detectives discovered that Michael had been having an extramarital affair. Since then, suspicions emerged that his lover, Sheila Keen, had been involved in the killing but no proof was found against her either.

Police were at a dead end and gave up the search for the perpetrator. The investigation reopened in 2014, when DNA forensics had advanced to a much higher level.

New DNA tests were conducted on the gathered evidence. At the time, Sheila and Michael, then married, ran a restaurant business in Tennessee.

The 2 were the prime suspects once again and police were finally able to prove that Sheila had been the killer clown. No further details have been released from the investigation but the suspected killer clown has been arrested, while the involvement of Michael Warren is still being looked into.

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