Think of a Number Between 1 and 16 to See What Fortune it Brings!

Think of a number between 1 and 16 to find out what the Universe has in store for you. Good luck!

1 - No more bad luck in love! Starting today, you're going to experience only beautiful moments, tenderness and joy.

2 - You're not going to need to save money any longer. You're going to win something so big that it's going to change your life.

3 - The Universe has a new friendship in store for you. A companion will stand by you, with whom you'll share both your joys and sorrows.

4 - Get your bags and get ready for adventure. You're going to a faraway destination.


5 - Get plenty of sleep now because there are many sleepless nights of revelry in store for you.

6 - A passionate character is coming on the horizon. Very soon you're going to fall deeply in love, in a way you never even dreamed of.

7 - You're going to enjoy understanding with friends and loved ones. They are going to support you in everything you do and you're going to enjoy every moment shared with them.

8 - No more pain! Good health and excess energy are in store.

9 - You'll be moving to a new home soon - one that is nicer and more spacious.


10 - A ton of work to come but also a wonderful raise.

11 - Congratulations! You're finally going to receive the gift you've long been dreaming of.

12 - Good news are going to bring you to tears.

13 - The person you have feelings for is finally going to return your sympathies.

14 - The Universe has family happiness and joyous moments in store for you.

15 - You're going to rediscover a somewhat forgotten talent of yours and become known wide and far.

16 - Someone is going to confess their love to you in a very beautiful and original way.

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