Your Horoscope for Today - July 26

Due to the void of course Moon that we're going to be seeing for the greater part of the day, it's completely possible that you feel worn out and without any desire to take on new tasks. If that's the case, you're advised to finish your old tasks and avoid starting any new important projects. It would be wise not to make bold promises today and not believe any such given by others because there's a danger of something going wrong at the last second and the plan falling apart.

Aries - Don't be afraid to get into conflicts today. It may sound crazy but it is indeed the clash with a worthy opponent that will help you rid yourself of the melancholy that will be weighing over you today; it will charge you with energy and help you release the pent up tension.

Taurus - You must not spare any efforts in fulfilling your work obligations today. Your shining performance won't go unnoticed by your boss and you'll likely be emboldened with a bonus or raise.


Gemini - Today you might feel like the advice of your best friends is quite unsuitable but the stars strongly recommend you don't ignore it. After all, the people around you have a decent amount of life experience and are familiar with fate's challenges. Believe it, it's worth putting your trust in them.

Cancer - Today it'll be of great benefit to you to be as social as possible. Communicating with all kinds of people will open unsuspected opportunities before you and help you improve your life in a number of aspects.

Leo - Today you're advised to practice a more relaxing activity, such as meditation, yoga, Pilates. Through these you'll rid yourself of the pent up tension more easily and improve your concentration.

Virgo - If you're having doubts about what course of action to take in a given situation today, ask for a sign from the Universe and it will be given. But still, be careful when it comes to making decisions today. If you're unsure of yourself, avoid acting hastily.

Libra - An unexpected obstacle is going to scare you today and make you give up on your original plans. But the stars don't advise you to give up. There's a high probability you'll handle the problem if you look at the situation from the sidelines and exhibit a little more creativity.

Scorpio - Today you're going to achieve success in many aspects of your life, if you let go of your preconceptions and open your consciousness to new ideas. The unfamiliar concepts you'll come across are going to help you overcome a lot of your mental blockades and make you feel great in your own skin.


Sagittarius - It's about time you accepted yourself for who you are and stopped comparing yourself to others and underestimating yourself. You possess innumerable positive qualities and they are the main thing you should be seeing in yourself.

Capricorn - Some of the people around you are only pretending to be your friends and are abusing your good intentions. Today is a very suitable day to put them to a little test and to see which of your friends are actually worthy of being called true friends.

Aquarius - Today you're going to enjoy an exceptionally interesting social life. For the first time in a long time, you're going to have the will for more contact and you're easily going to find common subjects to discuss with the people you meet at various events today.

Pisces - If you're feeling exceptionally tired and bored today, don't waste your energy on unprofitable activities. The stars advise you to completely isolate yourself from the world and devote yourself to your favorite hobby, in order to charge yourself with positive energy and overcome your oppressive thoughts.

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