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Your Horoscope for Today - July 19


The Moon in Capricorn and the aspect between Mercury in Leo and retrograde Saturn advise us to stick to the facts throughout the day. The more reasonable and reserved we are in the emotional state, the easier our day will be.

Aries - Today you have the opportunity to finish all of the plans you've started. But don't wait for pure chance to bring order to your projects, instead focus on your tasks with hard work and diligence. Later on, you're going to be very satisfied with yourself. Get a rein on your creative side today and try to think and act more sensibly.

Taurus - Today you may earn back the trust of a person you've let down in the past. Do not make promises which you are unsure if you'll be able to realize. This would bring you back to the starting point. Instead of words, rely on actions, in order to prove your good intentions.

Gemini - The balance between fantasy and reality is important today so you don't create problems for yourself. Try to maintain your tact when communicating with others today and show a bit more empathy. Even with compassion alone, you're going to win more people on your side. But when it comes to work, be more practical and consider the facts.


Cancer - Today, you're going to be inspired to make even your boldest dreams come true but you shouldn't rush before you analyze the situation. For now it's best to only share your ideas with those closest to you and leave any actions for later. Don't give in to your rich fantasy because it will be misleading today.

Leo - Throughout the day it's going to be difficult for you discern truth from fiction and you may find yourself in some very awkward situations. To avoid them, think carefully about which of your ideas are worth sharing. Take your experience and knowledge into consideration when undertaking something new because otherwise failure is guaranteed.

Virgo - Follow your intuition throughout the day and be on the lookout because fate may give you signs in various forms. Pay close attention to the conversations you're having because the answer to your doubts may lie in them. Even if it seems illogical and silly, dare to follow your inner voice.

Libra - The day is presenting you the opportunity to find out which of your dreams are nothing but illusions that will never come true. Talk with friends and consider the things that have been happening to you lately. Find out where you're wasting your efforts and stop pursuing goals that just aren't for you.

Scorpio - Through persistence and ingenuity you're going to realize everything you have planned today. Your self-composure will be solid and you're going to rely on it more than your feelings. You can go back to old problems throughout the day and this time you'll get to the bottom of them with greater clarity.

Sagittarius - Trust in your organizational skills and follow your ambitions today. If you're well-prepared ahead of time, you're going to handle the challenges more easily. Don't give in to your spur-of-the-moment desires that will only distract you from the right path, instead pursue your long-term goals. Today you can take the first step toward some of them.


Capricorn - Even though you're a person who loves working independently, the ideas of your friends and coworkers may be helpful to you if you would only hear them out. You may have taken on one too many tasks, so a little help would be highly welcome. Try to finish your tasks on time so you get rewarded for your work.

Aquarius - Follow your instincts throughout the day and you'll find the way out of your problems. Conversations with the people around you may also give you valuable advice on overcoming some obstacles. What's important is not to succumb to your anxieties but open your mind to the different opinions that may inspire a new beginning.

Pisces - Today you're going to enter the role of a leader of the people around you and you're going to have to motivate them by showing them that there's indeed something worth working for. To avoid conflicts from erupting, try listening to others, instead of you being the only one talking all the time. Communication is important in order to concentrate your energy in a single direction.