Your Horoscope for Today - May 19

Venus in Taurus is going to form 3 positive aspects - with the Sun, Mercury and Pluto, charging the day with positive energy but also revealing our deepest hidden emotions.

Aries - If you take a few more risks today you'll have the opportunity to change your fate for the better. Hear out the proposals that loved ones are making and decide which of them would be beneficial to you. At work, seek the opinion of those with more experience and you'll have all the chances of getting ahead thanks to others' advice.

Taurus - You're going to have a reason to celebrate with some of your closest friends. Don't ignore your romantic partner either, for they too have need of your attention today. Give yourself over to passion and primal desires today and you'll feel satisfied.


Gemini - Today you'll be attracted to situations in which you feel an expert on. You may hear out the problems of others and give your opinion on the issue. The fact that you're a needed adviser to others will fuel you with enthusiasm but you shouldn't, while caught up in the problems of others, forget about your own tasks today.

Cancer - Your luck will be with you during the day and luckily, a great part of the problems at work will disappear, as if by magic wand. Those who have put in serious efforts during the past few weeks will receive the deserved recognition today. Today you may hear from a friend you haven't seen in a long time.

Leo - Thanks to friends and coworkers, who easily spot hidden details, you'll quickly finish your assignments for the day. You're compelled to focus your attention at work and ignore your partner because an opportunity may open up in the professional aspect that you shouldn't miss.

Virgo - Today you're going to have a good reason to get together with friends and forget about your problems, albeit briefly. At work you'll gain greater confidence after you successfully finish one of the projects you've started. Positive assessment from bosses and coworkers will raise your spirit today.

Libra - It's likely that today you will be offered a risky option by which to increase your financial earnings. Carefully consider the risk you'd be taking but don't turn down the proposal immediately, even if it worries you slightly. At work, focus on the tasks you've already begun.

Scorpio - Your diligence and positive mindset today will help you resolve not only your own but others' problems as well. It's possible that the help you provide will warm your relations with some acquaintances. But be careful not to waste your energy, instead get to work on the important tasks.


Sagittarius - Today you'll be surrounded by real chaos but if you rein in your worries you'll be able to see wonderful opportunities for growth around you. Discuss your plans with those closest to you and ask for advice for the tangled situations you're finding it hard to get out of. These conversations will be fruitful both for you and for them.

Capricorn - An opportunity for growth may open before you today which you shouldn't ignore. Even though you should take more risks, don't miss the chance you're being given. If you continue to live as you have so far you won't reach the level of progress you dream of.

Aquarius - Today you may resolve the family problems which have been causing you trouble lately. The tension will abate and this will charge you with a positive mood. After work you may meet friends whom you rarely see.

Pisces - Today you're going to hear great news that will allow you to start a project you've long planned. With your inborn charm and positive energy you'll manage to attract people to your side. Follow your ideas through and don't let anything discourage you from your intentions.

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