Monthly Horoscope for September According to Numerology

To find out what numerology has in store for you in September, you need to calculate your personal number. It is the sum of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding until you get a single-digit number or 11 and 22.

1 - Throughout the month you'll be feeling more generous and sympathetic than normal. Your empathy toward others may help you forgive old insults. Be careful with your possessions because it's possible that you may be more absent-minded. Keep an eye on your wallet and keys so you don't become the victim of a pickpocket.

2 - You'll have a hard time hiding your emotions from others throughout September. On the contrary - you'll express them better than usual. This will affect you positively, as long as you don't too offended by others' remarks. You may fall in love with someone during the month, with the numbers advising you to share your feelings, not hide them.

3 - You'll work more throughout the month but you'll be satisfied by it. You'll earn the respect of your coworkers through your hard work but you shouldn't be surprised if someone uses you for their own personal interests. This month, use your energy to unite people, this will bring you huge successes.

4 - September is perfect for taking on more challenges. You'll have excellent opportunities to fix your old mistakes. You'll face many choices before you but it will be difficult to pick just one. The advice for you is to collect more information so you make the best possible decision.

5 - You'll be extremely jealous this month. If your partner would like more freedom, try to give it to them so you don't put your relationship at risk. Your temper may flare up faster and you may test the loyalty of those around you. You'll be more productive than normal in the workplace and this won't go unnoticed by your bosses, even though you'll receive the recognition later on.

6 - Adventures will tempt you actively during September. And since you're in a more adventurous mood, you'll look for all sorts of nonstandard ways to have fun. Your creativity will also shine during the month, with the impulse to draw or write possibly appearing more frequently. Trust your intuition because it will not mislead you.

7 - You'll find yourself gravitating more toward material pleasures during September. You'll have the need to rest in the comfort of your own home, to eat delicious food or take long warm baths. Find more time for walks out in nature and don't forget about your partner.

8 - You're ready to say goodbye to all your prejudices this month. Focus on the aspects of your daily life that have need of change. There's good opportunities before you but you need more courage to bring them to fruition. But don't forget to act responsibly so you don't disappoint or offend any of your loved ones.

Number 9

9 - You're way too hardheaded and impatient this month to achieve your goals. Your increasingly turbulent attitude may bring you problems so try to restrain yourself in some situations. Sudden changes will be successful, so if you've always dreamed of starting your own business or moving to another city, now is the time to do it.

11 - You're filled with energy this month and it's giving you excellent opportunities to get ahead. But you mustn't be too egotistical. Help your colleagues and loved ones because this will pay off later. You have the necessary qualities to encourage and motivate others.

22 - The month is perfectly suitable for having fun with friends. Organize more parties and try to see your loved ones more often. You can plan your future goals during September. Don't panic if someone doesn't keep their promise to you. Everything happening throughout the month will bring you positive changes, even if you don't notice them right away.

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