Monthly Horoscope Prognosis for August

Throughout all of August, Venus will be retrograde in the zodiac sign of Leo; Mars will be moving through the fiery sign starting from the 9th. Mercury, the Sun, Jupiter and the New Moon also fall into Leo during August.

Aries - be careful when meeting new people

Throughout the new month, you'll have the opportunity to meet tons of new people. But be careful with the new people in your life because you'll have a tendency to be fooled and even the most promising partnerships may turn out to be a fraud. Don't waste money just to prove how wealthy you are because the consequences later on will be dire. Don't give out any loans either and try to restrain your ego.

Taurus – expect more work

Expect just another routine month for you. Even though you won’t be particularly pleased about it you’ll have to work more during the new month. The difficulties you face will be in no short supply but it’s time to finish off any old tasks. Remain true to your principles and concentrate despite the exhaustion. Avoid conflicts in your private life because once started they will be difficult to stop.

Gemini – a successful and energetic month ahead

You’ll be loaded with energy throughout August, while the 1st half of the month will bring you successes in every aspect. Consider your actions carefully so that you don’t have regrets later on about missed opportunities. The month is suitable for traveling and going out more. The 2nd half of August will be a riskier time, which is why you need to be cautious with your plans and try to hold on to what you’ve already achieved.


Cancer – don’t make radical decisions this month

You will not have a tendency for wastefully spending the money you’ve earned and this position will protect you from huge mistakes financially. Your cautious and introspective nature will serve you well during August. It’s time to evaluate the people in your surroundings but avoid making radical decisions regarding your future. Strive to be more reserved when it comes to others’ criticism and set aside time for traveling.

Leo – restrain your emotions

You’ll succumb to your emotions way too easily, without listening to your reason in August, which will be the main obstacle to your everyday harmony and happiness. Whatever happens to you, be sure to analyze it so that you curb the effects of your mistakes to the maximum. If you’ve decided to travel in the company of others, comply with their needs also and don’t insist on imposing your opinion at all costs.

Virgo – you have an opportunity for a professional leap forward

You’ll be dedicated chiefly to your work the entire month. Opportunities for getting ahead professionally are opening up that you don’t want to miss. Additionally, focus your attention on your past mistakes, analyzing your actions. It’s possible for you to drift apart from some of your friends and find it difficult to trust others, even ones you’ve known a long time. You have absolutely no desire to let new people close to you, you’re focusing mainly on yourself.

Libra – the month will make you wealthier

August will be chock full of material successes for you. You may find an additional source of income. Don’t turn down offers for extra work because these will make you wealthier. You have a tendency to pursue your goals with a passion but you must keep your curiosity on a short leash so you don’t make new enemies. Avoid gossip and drama because these are a sure way to ruin even your strongest friendships.

Scorpio – you will face old disappointments

Your excessive emotionality this month will cause you problems. It’s hard for you to forgive people who have let you down in the past and it’s even possible for you to come face to face with some of them in the new month. You’ll feel misunderstood by even your closest. You love helping people in need but such acts will cause nothing but harm to you this month. Go with your intuition in order to avoid fatal mistakes.

Sagittarius – keep a close watch on your money

Your drive and ambition will pay off this August. You’ll meet people who’ll be more than happy to encourage and help you. Problems will occur only if you act too hastily and neglect the details. Don’t be naïve when it comes to money, for you may fall victim to a scam. Work only on what you’ve already started and don’t trust any get-rich-quick schemes.

Capricorn – you’ll experience too much discontent

Your relations with those around you may deteriorate this month due to your tendency to impose standards and criticize. Your discontent will spill into both your personal and work aspects, not making you the most desired company to be around. The month is suitable for a break and planning the future, don’t take decisive steps right away.


Aquarius – don’t improvise, instead stick to the sure thing

Forget about your improvisations and impulsiveness this month because they will influence you. Stick to the sure things in your life and support the people around you. You yourself will have need of encouragement, especially if you’ve begun new undertakings recently. Do not give up on your goals under any circumstances, instead finish what you’ve begun.

Pisces – you become extremely insecure

You may experience doubts regarding your qualities and abilities to deal with tough situations. You have need of recognition and praise but these will not come at this time. At the same time, your insecurity will push people away. Try to compromise more and be more patient. Don’t go overboard with parties and drinking.

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