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Your Monthly Horoscope for March


The month of March is going to be marked by the retrograde motion of Venus, beginning March 4 in the sign of Aries. With its backward motion, the planet will demand that we smooth out all misunderstandings in our partner relationships.

If there have been any uncertainties in communication or you've misunderstood someone, now is the ideal time to clear up the fog and talk more openly about your feelings.

During the retrograde period of Venus, it's possible that you'll meet up with a former love. If you had broken up with severe conflicts, you can now smooth out your relations.

During March, Mars is going to change its direction of movement, finding itself in Taurus between March 10 - 28. This is going to drive us to pursue physical pleasures and enjoy life.

Aries - Use the opportunities for change

During the first few days of March, you may find yourself doubting your qualities and abilities more, which is going to make you feel lousy. However, if you work on your self-improvement, your talents will flourish. In the coming weeks, you may feel insecurity, with a shaken self-confidence, but if you put efforts into a productive change, instead of pitying yourself, you'll charge up your confidence to levels higher than ever. Rid yourself of all habits that get in the way of your well-being.

Taurus - Accept the way of things

For you, the month of March is a time of introspection and analysis of the events that had occurred thus far. Abide by your emotions and if you have any creative interests, now is the most suitable time to devote yourself to them. The coming days are giving you the opportunity to raise your self-esteem but to do so you're going to have to look reality straight in the eye, instead of shying away from facts that are problematic. Transformation needs to begin with you yourself, so don't sit waiting for someone to serve you the changes you want to see on a platter. It's time to firm up your character.

Gemini - Talk openly with your friends

Throughout this month, you'll raise your doubts toward the honesty of those around you. It's possible that you'll feel underappreciated and used by them, while in some cases you'll be ready to permanently cease all relations with a person around you. But don't hide your worries, instead talk about them openly, as this will help you smooth out misunderstandings. Don't conceal the problems plaguing you this month just because you believe someone isn't going to understand you.

Cancer - It's time to boost your professional skills

The month is going to present you opportunities for improving your professional skills and receiving recognition from others, although this isn't going to happen easily; you'll have to be patient on your way to the top. Expect confrontations with persons of high authority but instead of pulling them toward you and imposing your opinion, you can use the opportunity to learn something new from them by giving ground. Don't be afraid to talk more openly to your bosses and to share your dreams regarding your career.

Leo - Your desire for adventures will be lost

This month be ready for all kinds of problems with institutions. You may find yourself unhappy with bank negotiating, court cases or your own educational achievements, which aren't as great as you had thought. Your passion for adventures will be nearly extinguished in the next few days and you're going to have to pay more attention issues regarding daily life. The month is not suitable for starting any new educational courses, as your desire to go to lectures won't continue long - you'd just be wasting your money. During March, focus only on sure and certain projects.

Virgo - Bring order to your finances

Prepare for finance-related troubles during the new month. Credit debt, earnings from investments or your partner's money will be the focus of your attention. Problems are coming in these fields, ones that will require you to mobilize and bring order. Don't succumb to fears, stand firmly against the challenges and deal with them while they're still small. It's time for changes in your financial plans that will pay off better later on than they are right now.

Libra - Complications in communication with those closest to you are to come

In March you're going to have difficulties in your partnerships and in bringing harmony to communication with the people around you. You may feel misunderstood and underappreciated by those whom you had been expecting unconditional support from. But instead of crying quietly in the corner, you can bring your problems out in the open and discuss them. If you're not feeling confident in your relationship, solve the problem through communication before it's too late. Take control, don't run away from complications.

Scorpio - Difficulties at work

Expect difficulties in the professional aspect throughout the month. No matter how hard you might try being the peacekeeper in the group, it's just not going to work. Severe conflicts with a coworker or employee of yours are coming, and any attempts to find a compromise are going to be unsuccessful. But do not allow the conflict between you to smolder, instead find methods for resolving all of the drama. Even though you're not going to have an easy and pleasant time at work in the coming days, you're going to have the opportunity to smooth out the work process if you show patience toward others and not overlook your own mistakes.

Sagittarius - Don't rush in your decisions on love issues

Romantic problems are going to emerge in the coming days and a consensus between you and your partner may be lacking more often. Now is the time to rearrange your common goals and make sure you're looking in the same direction. It's also possible that a former lover reappears on the horizon - singles should think about whether they should give their relationship a 2nd chance. But before you make a decision, make sure you're sharing the same plans for the future, so you don't have regrets later. Be wise in all issues related to love.

Capricorn - It's time to resolve your day-to-day problems

Issues related to the home will be of the utmost importance for you this month. If you're living with relatives or roommates who you're not getting along with, now is the time to clear up the issues. Make your dissatisfaction known and talk about the day-to-day problems, whether these have to do with paying bills, shopping or throwing out the garbage. Your problems may seem miniscule but that's no reason to hide your displeasure and burden yourself with more responsibilities than are necessary.

Aquarius - Apologize for past words and actions

Throughout the month it's likely you'll take a retrospective look back to the past, at least mentally. If there's something you regret having said or done in the past, go back and fix any bad impression you may have left. Some of your remarks may have seriously offended someone; in the following weeks you're going to have the opportunity to ask for forgiveness. Be more diplomatic with others by seeking the similarities between you, not the differences.

Pisces – Come up with a plan for improving your financial state

Your personal income is going to be the focal point of your attention this month. It's time to take an overview of all your sources of income and think about whether you're using your talents as effectively as possible. Be more demanding of yourself and come up with a plan for improving your financial state. You have the skills, all you need to do is to believe in them and invest them into new projects that will bring you more money. Don't make decisions on the spot, instead carefully think over every possible option before you pick one.



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