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Weekly Horoscope Until November 16th

The new week will be favorable for different kinds of dynamic and even extreme activities. This Sunday, Venus will enter Sagittarius, but first it will form a conjunction with Saturn.

There will also be a conjunction between Mars and Pluto this Tuesday. Unfavorable aspects will consist between Mars and Uranus this Thursday, as well as between the Sun and Jupiter on Friday.

Aries - You act with risk


The aspect between Pluto and your sign ruler Mars will prompt you toward more risky actions. You have high professional ambitions and now is the time to mobilize in order to achieve your goals. It's possible that you may even reorient yourself toward a different career if the earnings from your current job seem unsubstantial to you.

Taurus - There is a possibility of professional successes

The conjunction between Mars and Pluto on Tuesday will further your drive to get ahead in your profession. Be more bold and your success will be guaranteed. Your sign ruler, Venus, will enter into the sign of the fiery Sagittarius this week, making your day-to-day life much more dynamic and positive.

Gemini - Drama will make you tense

Myriad dramas and scandals will dog you throughout the whole week. This will make you a lot more tense and even the smallest thing will lead to huge conflicts around you. This week you will receive long-awaited revenue but your spending until Sunday will not be small-scale at all, so you won't have any opportunity to save.

Cancer - Luck in love

The week will be highly emotional for you. As early as Monday, your dreams in the field of love will start to become reality. If you're debating about something, listen to your intuition, it will lead you toward the right path. Additional income awaits you toward the end of the workweek, while it's possible for you to meet new people on Sunday.

Leo - Many challenges to come

This week you will face a ton of challenges, related mostly to your loved ones. You will have to dedicate yourself entirely to your relatives, friends and family at the beginning of the week, while you will have more time for yourself during the weekend. Once Venus enters your kindred sign of Sagittarius, development in your love life will occur.


Virgo - A war in the intimate aspect awaits you

Calmness awaits you predominantly throughout the new week, giving you the opportunity to dream more about the future. Only the conjunction between Mars and Pluto on Tuesday will make you more aggressive in the aspect of intimate relationships. The aspect will provoke you toward cardinal decisions in regards to the future with your beloved.

Libra - You need to control yourself more

The tense aspects this week will test your ability to control yourself. Disagreements in the days up to November 16th will be found in every single field. You will be expected to make huge compromises and find the most appropriate behavior, regardless of the provoking situations. Be cautious when using cutting tools or equipment.

Scorpio - Your self-confidence attains new heights

The congregation of planets and favorable aspects in your sign this week will raise your self-confidence sky high. You will be fueled with energy and motivation and your will over others will be stronger than usual. However, this does not mean that you should subdue the people around you, quite the opposite - respect others' opinions, even if you don't share them, so that you don't lose the support of someone close to you.

Sagittarius - Professional obligations await you

Professionally, an enormous amount of the obligations await you but if you are motivated enough, you will handle all of your tasks. Keep going ahead with determination and don't worry about the obstacles in front of you. Don't be too generous this week because you may have financial difficulties later on.

Capricorn - You have a strong desire to impose your will

The presence of the warlike Mars in your sign will lead you to impose your will over others at all costs. Whenever you aren't met with cooperation, conflicts will erupt. The conjunction between Venus and Saturn this week warn you that need to act with more intelligence and measure in love relationships.


Aquarius - Your work problems unsettle you

You will feel great uncertainty professionally this week, which will make you extremely unsettled. Surprises await you but most of them will not be pleasant. It's possible that you may feel betrayed by people whom you had high hopes for. At the end of the week you will receive your so-needed dose of optimism.

Pisces - Trust your intuition

The new week will be very successful for you. Trust your intuition and dreams more in the days up to November 16, for they will provide you a hint as to how to avoid problems in the future. If you're dissatisfied with something in your career, now is the time to change it.

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