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Weekly Horoscope Until October 26th

This Thursday, the Sun and Venus will enter into Scorpio, with the final solar eclipse of the year occurring in the water sign. Mercury leaves its retrogradation in Libra on Saturday, and beginning Sunday, Mars will enter into Capricorn.

Aries - Your professional ambitions grow

The solar eclipse in Scorpio this Friday will provide you with the necessary luck to achieve what you've been wanting for a long while. After your sign ruler (Mars) enters Scorpio, your professional ambitions will grow, while Mercury will support you in each and every task beginning Saturday.

Taurus - Pay off old debts

You need to finish all projects you've begun by the solar eclipse on Friday. This also means that if you have any debts, you must pay them off this week. The new moon on the 24th will open new opportunities before you, which you must take advantage of. You will experience more social contact after Mercury leaves its retrogradation phase.


Gemini - Pay more attention to your loved ones

This week you need to pay more attention to your loved ones. The planetary aspects will be harmonious enough for you to communicate more with your family. Throughout the week you also need to clear up all misunderstandings with your beloved. The solar eclipse this coming Friday will predispose you to quit a bad habit.

Cancer - Arm yourself with courage and strength

For Cancers, the week will be filled with wonderful events. This week you need to free yourself of everything unnecessary and bring joy to someone close to you. In the personal aspect, you will start from scratch, so expect serious challenges in your way. You need to arm yourself with courage and strength in order to achieve what you desire.

Leo - A week of communication awaits you

The solar eclipse on the 24th will bring something new to your life. Your ability to communicate with others will also make a great impression in the days to come. Old friends or acquaintances that have need of aid may turn to you. As soon as Mercury goes out of its retrogradation phase on Saturday, you can buy the item you've long been wanting.

Virgo - Don't take on any new commitments

This Saturday you will be assessed on the merits of an action. Your interests will expand, but do not take on any new commitments until you complete the old ones until the 24th. Travel during the weekend because Mercury becomes direct from then on.


Libra - Financial issues preoccupy you

Many oversights will appear on the forefront at work. The solar eclipse in Scorpio will bring to the light all issues having to do with money. Find out if one of your hobbies can bring you additional income. Romantically, your relationship may begin developing more quickly.

Scorpio - Expect a week of monumental changes

In the days to come, monumental changes will take place for you. The Sun will enter your sign on the 23rd, which will make you the center of attention. You will need to present yourself in the best way possible. On Friday, the solar eclipse will bring out all of your hidden talents out in the open.

Sagittarius - You are looking for ways to express yourself

This week you will be incredibly active and seeking all kinds of opportunities to express yourself. You will need to focus on your work for a while, instead of on your love life. Once Mercury is no longer in retrograde, new people will come into your life.

Capricorn - You are overburdened with responsibilities


Because of Mercury's retrogradation until Saturday, you will feel distracted and pressured by the deadlines. You are overloaded with all kinds of responsibilities and you feel as if you can't handle them in time. Mars enters your sign on Sunday and will provide you with the necessary will and energy up until December 5th, to allow you to bring your plans to fruition.

Aquarius - Be more serious and diligent

This week is suitable for a break. You may be criticized and evaluated at work, so be sure to take care of any loose ends in your projects. The astrological aspects require you to be more serious and diligent, in order to deal with the challenges. You also need to be more consistent in your tasks.

Pisces - Develop your creative skills

Take a closer look at your finances this week. Find a field in which you can develop your creative skills. The solar eclipse will bring forth gifts you hadn't even suspected you had. The Sun in Scorpio will provide you with more self-control over your actions and words.

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