What Does it Mean if a Bat Flies Into your Home?

What Does it Mean if a Bat Flies Into your Home?
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Bats are exceptionally loving mammals, suffering an undeserved notoriety. They are especially effective against mosquitoes and are usually completely harmless to humans.

There are dozens of superstitions related to bats. Folk demonology links bats to happiness or special magic that protects against misfortune and troubles.

A bat entering the home meant that one of the girls in the family would soon marry or that the owner of the property would receive an inheritance. The bat itself was purported to have magical properties, the belief being that it could be used to make a powerful spell for love or luck.

The stories go that if a man manages to rip off the wing of a bat and make an amulet from it, all he would then have to do is simply touch a woman with it and she would become his. In the past, love potions derived from bats were given to girls so bachelors would go crazy for them.

One of the most gruesome beliefs is that you have to cut off the head of a bat that's flown into your home with a gold or silver coin. Then you have to dry it and sew it inside your pillow to enjoy lots of happiness and money.

But be warned that bats are among the primary carriers of rabies, so don't try to chase, catch or pet the mammal. Just leave your window open overnight and it will fly away on its own in search of food.


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