Which Gemstones are Suitable for Sagittarius?

Which Gemstones are Suitable for Sagittarius?
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Representatives of the zodiac sign of Sagittarius have a somewhat sharp personality. They are strong and wise, react quickly and aren't worried about standing up against injustice. Sagittarius can handle just about any challenge and hardship but is completely helpless when it comes to petty drama and gossip.

Those born in the 1st 10-day period of the sign are direct and honest, even in love, especially in love. They live, guided by their passion, their consciousness and subconsciousness are rarely connected, they have incredible creative promise, but their success is divided into periods of highs and lows. Granite, purple amethyst and turquoise are recommended for them.

People born during the 2nd 10-day period of Sagittarius are curious and energetic. They have an open character, a tendency toward investigative activities, are highly emotional at the same time, romantics to the very core of their soul and extraordinarily brave.

These Sagittarii are attracted to politics but all the while do not possess the qualities needed to get into it. They start projects easily but just don't have the energy to finish them. They are inconsistent in love because they're not capable of looking past the shortcomings of their partner.

They need gemstones in the red-blue and violet color range, that will help them hold fast to their goals and soften any shortcomings. The stones most appropriate for Sagittarius are granite, ruby, chalcedony and dark violet amethyst.

Sagittarii born during the 3rd 10-day period are quite contradictory in nature. On the one hand they are exceptionally authoritative, even despotic, while at the same time processing a vast generosity which is somehow combined with a burning temper and sagacity.

Sagittarii are gifted with a sharp mind, street smarts and a strategic talent. They have authority at work and luck in love.

These bright individuals need gemstones with red-green colors, which will help inspire them and find their self-realization. Lazurite is recommended for them.


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