How Do I Stop Thinking at Night, When I'm Already in Bed, so That I Can Fall Asleep?

How Do I Stop Thinking at Night, When I'm Already in Bed, so That I Can Fall Asleep?

A lot of people mistakenly believe that the term insomnia is reserved for lack of sleep only. But in fact, people who can't fall asleep for long periods and toss and turn in bed also suffer from insomnia. Usually, they have the feeling that their head will explode from all the thoughts, tension and stress.

Any difficulty in falling asleep or lack of sleep is called insomnia. In nearly 70-100% of insomnia cases, there's some sort of underlying disorder. Periods of insomnia may also be the symptoms of various diseases - somatic, endocrine, cardiovascular, and infectious, but it can also be essential (with no intrinsic reason) and continue.

Difficulties in falling asleep or lack thereof may cause more exhaustion throughout the day, nervousness, irritability, sleepiness, decreased concentration and distractedness, making it important to stop this vicious cycle.

Techniques for falling asleep fast may help in single cases where you can't shake off the problems of the day and you just want to close your eyes and fall asleep but you can't; these recommend avoiding stressors (TV and internet) before bed, as well as limiting the use of energy drinks, sodas and too much food.

On our site you'll find plenty of things to drink to help you relax before bed. But if these still don't help you, you should seek professional help.

For neurotic states that affect sleep, doctors recommend soporifics with a proven hypnotic action and tolerance, which improve sleep quality and patients wake up feeling refreshed.

Benzodiazepines are commonly used (such as Diazepam) but lately doctors have been prescribing a new generation of hypnotics that work fast, don't lead to dependence and show no side effects the next day. These are Halcion, Imovane, Zolpidem. Chlorpromazine and Levomepromazin are used for psychotic states.

This tip is intended to be informative and does not replace a consultation with a medical professional!


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