What are People Born on Monday Like?

What are People Born on Monday Like?
Image: mysteries24.com

People born on Monday are exceptionally emotional. They are ready to open their heart to the entire world and believe that the world will do the same. People born on Monday believe that everyone is truly good deep down and they try to help everyone at all costs.

Persons born on Monday can't just let things go. Everything that happens to them goes straight through their heart; they need someone close with whom to share at least part of the emotions that constantly surge through them.

They look for soul and inner beauty above all else in their companion, not so much intelligence or appearance.

The excessive emotionality of people born on Monday can play a cruel joke on them, for they often make decisions based purely on emotions and feelings, devoid of any hard logic.

This is why they don't make good leaders, bosses or supervisors. But these same individuals make superb missionaries and volunteers. They are the quiet heroes, who dedicate their lives to helping those in need.


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