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Strangest dream ever, needs analysis

Strangest dream ever, needs analysis
hey guys I will give you some background information in case it might help.

Im a 17 year old guy from Holland, I'm trying to be a great musician and aspire to be very known by the world, but this needs a lot of dedication and I'm semi-dedicated to this whole ''project'' as I call it.
But here's the thing, there's also this girl I have a huge crush on and I KNOW she's into me, but I think it will be an obstacle to my whole project.

Besides, last year I started getting along more with a friend, let's call him Jan, and since I chilled with him more my whole behaviour changed from very funny to more serious.

Okay here's the strangest dream I ever had.

I was with my friends on a noon, sky is somewhat orange and I'm in a grocery store with my friends buying stuff because we're planning to watch the soccermatch Portugal-Germany together, however, we went to the grocery store in my town, but the interior was the interior of something I've never seen before in my life. Later, I see my crush walk into the same supermarket and she's waiting for her friends to show up at the counter, we say nothing to each other and we go seperate ways.

So I'm cycling with my friends to my friend's house, however, halfway, we thought it would be cooler to watch the match in Germany instead of our home country: Holland. So we decided to watch it in Germany and we were going to Strasbourg.
But the trip to strasbourg was very strange.

To get to Strasbourg we had to skateboard from a steep surface which looked like windows but I didn't have the balls to do so. So I just ran off the surface. Once we all got off the surface we were standing in very high grass, and suddenly we are standing in front of a huge pyramid which looks like the Louvre in France but I've never been in France. And suddenly a Nigerian soldier in military outfit marches like 50 metres away from us and we all hide because we fear he is going to kill us or take us as captives and the moment he sees us he drops on the floor and he's dead or unconscious or fell asleep suddenly I don't know. But we continue and arrive in Strasbourg, but then I suddenly realize Strasbourg isn't in Germany it's in France, so we were in France! ! ! After I tell my friends the sun fades and we're standing on the highway, and we decide to go to Germany. Then more strangeness follows. . .

As we try to go to Germany we are suddenly standing in some kind of forest and it's very misty and very dark and we're standing near a lamp post. Then my very good friend Jan turns towards me and has a stick in his hands and decides to chase me, I then decide to run away very fast into the woods while my other friends decide not to move a bit and stand still at the lamppost as I'm running he keeps swinging blindly in all direction but isnt hitting me, I then get so far ahead he decides to stop running and turns around and goes back to the lamppost where my friends are. I then decide to get back to the lamppost as well but not through the woods, but along the shore where a giant log lays horizontally on the ground, but I think it would be smarter to sleep and get some rest and continue the following morning.
that wasn't everything what happened in the dream

i woke up in the woods it is light already, i check my iphone, i see that my crush texted me yesterday night at 4:55 AM, ''hey, wanna chill? '', and I ignored the text and decided to find my own way out the woods, i followed the shore back, had to fight with pirates with machetes and i defeat them all they lay on the ground and then I see a tresure chest but I decide not to be tempted and I leave it. after that I continue my way to find my way out and finally i followed the shore, I looked into the sun above the sea over the shore and then I woke up in real life. . .

please help me this is the strangest dream I ever had. i will love you if you can share your interpretation


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27.09.2014 13:00
This dream would take a long time to analyse properly as there are so many symbols and details involved - which all, for sure, have been selected by your unconscious for a reason relating to how you perceive and feel about things. I would say, there's clearly a pattern of challenge, overcoming challenge and feeling lost/disorientated, which keeps happening again and again in the dream. I think in general this dream is about your anxiety over the obstacles you face in your goal of becoming a world-known musician. But the dream also, shows your confidence in your vision/goal - because you manage to overcome each obstacle every time.

Jungian theorists believe, every aspect of a dream is a part of ourselves. I think the Nigerian soldier represents your own more unruly instincts - perhaps even your sexual instincts towards your crush or just some aggressive instinct within yourself, that you fear might hold you back. The fact that this soldier simply fell unconscious before reaching you - shows you may be repressing or muting this side of yourself, perhaps because you feel afraid of it, or afraid of the destruction it may bring as it could lead to conflict (just as you were afraid the soldier was a threat to your well-being and would eliminate your journey). Do you find you avoid conflict and your own aggressive feelings in real life?

I think, generally, all the choices you make in the dream reflect you have a good attitude to challenge and I think reflect that you have a great attitude to fulfilling your dream. Even making the decision to sleep/rest rather than carry on, towards the end of the dream, shows you have a good level of self-care. And the detail about the surface you chose to run off, instead of skateboarding off - shows, you are brave enough to be flexible and achieve your goals by thinking outside the box if you're not comfortable with doing things the conventional way. Even when you're scared - you find a way around that, to carry on. Of course all the ignoring of your crush in the dream shows your unconscious thinks it's wisest to ignore that aspect of your life, in order to complete your journey and realise your life vision.
01.08.2014 19:53
Nothing to say but I think its just an a dream