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First time posting a dream

First time posting a dream
Hi, I'm new to this. I just woke up and had to figure out what this dream meant. So i googled and found this site. I used as much detail as possible. Should i add backstory to this? Some of it makes a little sense to me.

My dream started off with my mothers side of the family and my immediate family living in the same house. We all had different rooms. My ex also has a room there. He comes over to my room and ask if i wanted to spend the day with him. Just me him and our son. I say ok. In my dream I know he has a girlfriend, but how hes acting makes me think they are over. so that is why i agreed. We spend the day together and when we get back to the house, My whole family is on the porch watching my mother leave for a date. Her date has a beat up cadillac and everyone is making comments about how she always finds guys with beat up cars.

When we get in the house we go to my bed and he starts talking about how much fun he had then about how his girlfriend is coming over. I get angry and we start physically fighting. and it seems like the longest fight ever. He walks away and starts getting ready for the date he is going to take her on. While he is getting dressed i am arguing with him asking him why he lied to me. And he says he doesn't know. He just felt like it.

His girlfriend comes over and I tell her everything that happened that day. She gets mad and chases him. Then the police show up and she is told to leave. The whole time this is happening I am completely calm and laughing. As she is leaving I give her my phone number. Then I go to my room. In my room I find his phone. and I go through all of their text messages and see that he is looking to buy her an engagement ring, she sent him pics from when she went to London last summer...just really random text.

After I go through his phone. A random family comes in my room and takes an empty action figure package from the Avengers movie. They are suddenly at the foot of my bed hanging on a rack. The family is dressed as super heroes with capes and everything. Behind them I can see a huge battle with laser going off and explosions. they walk back into the battle and close the door then they are gone.


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07.02.2013 22:00
The gist of the dream is clearly that you have strong feelings for your ex. In fact - it seems like If he was to give the word - you'd jump back in both feet - - for your son...or for you - whatever the reason.

Next the house -
All of your family is in the same "boat" so-to-speak I guess - or so you think.

The phone in your room shows that you still wish to be on the "in" with your ex.
What you find isn't what you were hoping for.

Your family being in superhero costumes shows that you feel you are not in their league whatsoever, and that they are in control in their own lives what you only wish to be in control of in your own life.
Being that this took place in your bedroom -
i'm guessing the issues you are dealing with at this time are quite intimate for you.

The fact that your mom goes on a date with someone who has a beat up car - shows what you are seeing your future as?

Something that could be classy - but needs a lot of time and effort to really achieve it..

?? Just some thoughts