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The valley of death ages people in days

Kaylas mountain

The famous Death Valley, located in Tibet, ages people to an elderly year in a matter of days. So the talk is amongst the locals.

Death Valley is located at a height of 5680 meters above sea level and is situated north of the mountain Kaylas. In this valley it is said you feel that the time will come to take you.

One of the entrances into he Death Valley is located near a small mountain northwest of the mountain Kaylas. The small Mountain that resembles more of a hill, has a pretty grim glory among the locals.

It is connected with the most ancient name of Tibet, Titapuri. In translation from the Tibetan language it means "abode of the hungry devil".

They say that the stay in Death Valley is deadly. There, is formed a so-called death gene, which for a few days means that someone will die.

The valley of death is 3 kilometers long. In the end it has a glacier, which is known as the energy mirror. Tibetan lamas come here when they want to quickly forget life, here, because time passes more quickly. Sometimes the victims of the rapidly aging death valley are the misguided tourists.