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Middle school problemsMiddle school problems
05 Nov.
then I have to deal with a para that cant spell person or temperature like i am sorry are u dumb and then we get in trouble for standing up for people when we did nothing i know everybody says middle school is that way but...
Demons: Sociopathic Behavior: Darren AmblerDemons: Sociopathic Behavior: Darren AmblerHe works at keeping his sick and immoral life a secret- even-though people do know about him. He will never admit he did anything wrong. To all the ladies out there= stay away from any questionable character....
No one's paying me any attention but I have incredible potential!No one's paying me any attention but I have incredible potential!
04 July
When I was 4 had already learned to read and write, at 5 I was downloading things from the internet, at 6 I began watching documentaries about physics, space etc....
A Presence!A Presence!
16 June
Hey I just wanted to share something real quick. I hadn't felt this in a while but for 2 days now I've been feeling a presence around me again....
I Think I'm Dying!I Think I'm Dying!
20 May
I've been getting sick every other week for 3/4 of a month now. I've been feeling chest tightness too. I'm also feeling something like pinpricks all over my body....
Something in the DarknessSomething in the Darkness
31 Mar.
We took a few steps back and I said that we needed to get out of there immediately! My friends said it was just the wind, even though it had stopped, it was something else. It was a massive wolf....
The Dream with the Bottomless HandbagThe Dream with the Bottomless Handbag
31 Mar.
I had quite a strange dream this time. Usually dreams had some kind of message for me in the past, while in recent months absolutely everything that I dreamed of has been happening in real life....
A Ghost Walks on my Bed at NightA Ghost Walks on my Bed at Night
18 Mar.
Am I going crazy or is this real?...
I Saw a Woman with Straight Black Hair and a White DressI Saw a Woman with Straight Black Hair and a White Dress
18 Mar.
On 3/17/16, while I was reading about Bloody Mary on the internet I heard a strange sound, like a sort of scraping. I got quite scared. I went to go check it out. When I opened the door I saw a tall woman with straight...
We saw a strange purple lightWe saw a strange purple light
26 Feb.
After that, my friend and I saw some kind of purple light, only for a second. Any advice, any thoughts? It's been happening for 3 days now. Thanks in advance....
The mysterious smell at nightThe mysterious smell at night
26 Feb.
She says that it doesn't happen every night and that there's been times when she hasn't felt it for months. It's also "passing" - she smells it once, i. e. it passes by and she smells it again in a few minutes!...
I Feel Afraid, Without Knowing the Reason for itI Feel Afraid, Without Knowing the Reason for it
19 Feb.
She was moving objects around, I had dreams of her often, I still do. I feel a presence around me when I'm alone. I think I even felt her touch a few times. A chill and slight breeze....
I don't normally dream in colorI don't normally dream in colorI don't normally dream in color or maybe I just don't remember there being color in the dream. I have no idea what time of day it was in the dream. The entire dream was very stressful and frustrating....
My Mother Knew When She Would DieMy Mother Knew When She Would Die
12 Feb.
Hello all, Here's my story: My mother died 4 years ago, she was sick with cancer and kept saying to me: "Just 1 grandchild, please, so I can look after him a few months until I no longer can. . . " Then she died on 05...