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Football Goalkeeper to Goal scorer - Very unusual seemed very real to me

Football Goalkeeper to Goal scorer - Very unusual seemed very real to me
Last night I dreamt of playing a football (soccer) match.

I dreamt that I was a front line striker, playing on the right side(In reality I have always played as a goalkeeper for the last 23 years & on odd occassions as a left striker. . . however, I have never played on the right side in the past reality)

This time, I was actually enjoying the game & was on a roll with deft footwork, dribbeling past the opposition & approaching the opponents goal.

As I was about to score, out of nowhere there appeared @ 4 ladies dressed in the opposition colours & blocking the goal. As I spun around, I realised that the opposition were playing with @ 15 to 16 players in their team. I must say that I handled it quite well, as I decided that nothing will stop me when I am on the roll. So I drew the ball out & when they stepped out from the goalline, I dodged one of them & I scored a goal with a comfortable tap of the ball.

My team erupted in celebrations as we had won the match in the final moments & we all danced with joy.

What was even more strange is that my dream didnt end here. . . . .

In the moments following this dream, I picture myself standing by a table near the ground, changing my shirt. I remove my dark green jersey & put on a light greet t-shirt. The next moment, I am riding in a taxi & I remember that I left my jersey on the ground, on that table. I pull out my camera, check it to confirm & in the snaps I can see my jersey on the table. I must get the jersey back as it is supposed to be my favourite one. I turn the taxi around, head back to the ground & find my jersey where I left it. . . . .

My dream ended here !

I have not had dreams like this before & I am even more surprised that I remember it as if it was a true event that happened to me.

Can anyone intepret it for me ?

thank you,


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obinna Akujobi
obinna Akujobi
09.06.2014 10:42
Its a good dream you don't need to be scared, it shows that you will be successful, if you can look back at that period, yoi will see that things worked out for you for good. I'm a witness, I scored a goal in my dreams and I was successful in my business that period. I make over $12000 in one month