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The Bell WitchThe Bell Witch
07 Jan.
Once a ghost story, that the spirit of an Indian unburied, sometimes introduced himself as Keith Beth - deceased local witch. Finally, the ghost was called the Bell Witch....
The Year of the Black Dragon brings trials and tribulationsThe Year of the Black Dragon brings trials and tribulations
01 Jan.
The year of Black Water Dragon is coming, with has a bunch of difficulties. Those who do good, will enjoy success in life. Thieves, liars, schemers and gossiper can expect karmic punishment. This promises the coming 2012...
The Belief in Witches Halts ProgressThe Belief in Witches Halts Progress
14 May
The blind belief in the existence of witches unites people under the same norms of behavior. It's necessary to conform to these norms because whoever strays from the path is accused of being a witch or sorcerer....
How to identify a modern witchHow to identify a modern witch
21 Aug.
Modern witches do not look like the witches of old, who cursed entire villages to die or poisoning the milk of their cows. Yet there are witches and there are certain signs by which they can be recognized....
The Secret of the Lake with the SkeletonsThe Secret of the Lake with the Skeletons
30 Apr.
Himalayas have the glory of being merciless mountains, which have killed hundreds of lovers of dangerous adventures. The slopes of the Himalayas keep in their icy embrace the bodies of the unfortunate climbers who have...
The cat and the darknessThe cat and the darkness
10 Oct.
- It is said that cats have been concealed with witches or attend as their assistants. - Also it was believed that cats are demons and ghosts inhabiting their bodies and thus have supernatural powers....
The History of the HunsThe History of the Huns
22 Nov.
The Hun tribes are part of the history of the world and more precisely of that of Europe. They appeared on the continent in the 2nd century and in the 5th established their state, led by their great ruler Attila. Considered...
The Language of the AngelsThe Language of the Angels
30 Mar.
The angelic alphabet can also often be seen under the name "Enochian alphabet". It was written and popularized by John Dee and Edward Kelley at the end of the 16th century. The 2 men who were famously known as seers claimed...
The Legend of the DreamcatcherThe Legend of the Dreamcatcher
05 Nov.
A dreamcatcher or dream snare is a handmade Native American amulet, made from a willow hoop with a woven net of cords, giving the appearance of a web. A feather of a night bird is placed in the center, usually one from an...
The Image of the Executioner in the Middle AgesThe Image of the Executioner in the Middle Ages
13 Aug.
Among the most mysterious figures during the Middle Ages was that of the executioner. He was the last person that those sentenced to death would see before heading out for the afterlife. The image of the executioner...
The Tesla Powerwall Battery - the Energy of the FutureThe Tesla Powerwall Battery - the Energy of the Future
12 May
The Tesla Motors Powerwall Battery, which was revealed by Elon Musk recently in California, has all the rights of being called the "energy of the future". The company's innovative invention is perhaps the first big step...
Witches and Vampires Gather at Dracula's CastleWitches and Vampires Gather at Dracula's Castle
31 Oct.
It is crucial for the costumes to capture the essence of spooky characters, such as witches, vampires, demons, skeletons and ghosts....
The Upcoming 2017 is the Year of the Fire RoosterThe Upcoming 2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster
12 Dec.
According to the Chinese calendar, the upcoming 2017 falls under the patronage of the Fire Rooster. This will bring warmth and comfort in the family but we're also going to have to rethink some of our life's decisions....
The Touching Story of the Ugliest Woman in the WorldThe Touching Story of the Ugliest Woman in the World
18 Nov.
About a century ago, Mary Ann Bevan was proclaimed to be the ugliest woman in the world, after winning a contest designed for the sole purpose of mercilessly making fun of people with physical disabilities. Mary Ann was...
The Philae Probe Will Reveal the Secrets of the UniverseThe Philae Probe Will Reveal the Secrets of the Universe
13 Nov.
At 16:03 GMT on November 12th, 2014, the Philae probe completed its touchdown on the surface of the Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko. The historical landing was announced by Director General of the European Space Agency...
The Mystery of the Deaths of the Dyatlov Pass IncidentThe Mystery of the Deaths of the Dyatlov Pass Incident
27 July
From the USSR's secret archives, there is a well-known event which led to the mysterious deaths of 9 skiers on the night of February 2, 1959. The incident is documented as the Dyatlov Pass Incident. The horrendous event...
The History of the Ottoman EmpireThe History of the Ottoman Empire
17 Sept.
The answer to the question of how to create an empire is not clear-cut, because it is a complex process that depends on many factors. An interesting answer can be given by the history of the Ottoman Empire. From a small political...
The Celts and the Celtic KingdomThe Celts and the Celtic Kingdom
10 Jan.
The Celts, who can be found in historical chronicles and under the name Gauls or Galatians, are an ancient Indo-European people. The earliest information about them dates from the middle of the 1st millennium BC. The name...
The Life of the Ancient RomansThe Life of the Ancient Romans
22 Nov.
The Roman Empire is one of the best developed ancient civilizations, bequeathing to the world many philosophical, scientific and technological achievements. But do we know enough about the life of the ancient Romans?...
The History of the Roman EmpireThe History of the Roman Empire
21 Oct.
In the following article, you will get to know the story of one of the greatest forces occupying its significant place in the world, creating changes that affect our consciousness to this day. The ancient Roman Empire can...
The Life of the Ancient GreeksThe Life of the Ancient Greeks
19 Oct.
All the areas covering the Mediterranean region in antiquity are known as Ancient Greece. The population of these areas spoke the ancient Greek language and called themselves Hellenes. The Ancient Greeks also ruled the...
The Oldest Cities in the WorldThe Oldest Cities in the World
30 Aug.
One of the first signs of developing human civilization was the emergence of the first cities, which groups of people could settle permanently. The names of some of these ancient populated areas can be found even in the...
The Year of the Sun: 2017The Year of the Sun: 2017
13 Jan.
According to the astrological calendar, 2017 falls under the patronage of the Sun, which is going to bring us a number of big changes and unexpected transformations, shedding more light on our goals and problems. Throughout...
The Mysterious Capital of the ZapotecsThe Mysterious Capital of the Zapotecs
27 June
Every time we hear about ancient civilizations in America, most of us immediately think of the Aztecs, Mayans and Incas. A little known fact is that these were neither the greatest, nor the oldest cultures to rule...
The Magical Properties of the BroomThe Magical Properties of the Broom
17 June
In the realm of magic, the broom is most often linked to witches. According to legends, they used their brooms to fly around on. This item truly does possess powerful magical properties....