Your Horoscope Until July 29 and What to Expect


In the days until July 29 you'll be able to quickly finish what you've planned. No serious obstacles are expected; it will be easier to progress both in personal and work-related projects.

The week will be favorable for resolving certain family problems. You can reanalyze certain viewpoints and find where your mistake was and how it lead to unpleasant situations.

Try not to get too involved in the conflicts because they'll only undermine your authority. Maintain your secrets and reputation, don't attack those around you and don't look for excuses to have an argument.

In your conversations, avoid subjects that some might find unpleasant and instead focus on your work.

Aries - Work on your premade plans

At the beginning of the week, focus on projects you've already planned. Now is not the time to be lazy and lay back because you'll only miss excellent opportunities. Be active and initiative and you will receive what you want. At the end of the week, focus more on your friends. You'll easily forget about your worries after talking with them.

Taurus - Seek the opinions of others

This week, listen to the advice of others more often. You may not believe it but those around you will help you discover the right methods for resolving your problems. During the week you're easily going to find adherents and like-minded people that will help you when needed and support some of your ideas. You have the opportunity to create partnerships that will be beneficial to you for a long time to come.

Gemini - Watch out for fraud

Expect a myriad of proposals this week but don't rush to accept any single one before analyzing them carefully. Don't rush to accept or turn down anything. Analyze the conditions thoroughly and check to see how suitable they are for you. Watch out for people who try to take advantage of your trust and be cautious when communicating with people you don't know well.

Cancer - Be initiative

This week, try to finish some of the projects you've already begun. Bring your business deals to an end and find compromise in certain partnerships. Try to keep yourself busy because during the next few days you'll be able to do very little, yet receive a lot. Until July 29, your success in business will depend solely on your initiative work ability.

Leo - Resolve certain past problems

In the week until July 29, luck will on your side. Expect success at work, as well as patience and comfort. This is the most suitable period for discussing contentious issues and finding a compromise. Don't avoid the problems, instead discuss them before they get worse. Use the tranquil atmosphere to resolve certain old problems.

Virgo - Resolve certain past disagreements

The week will start with greater challenges than you had been expecting. Events may not develop exactly the way you had planned and will force you to alter your schedule. Don't be stubborn, instead when you find that it's not working, look for another method. Focus on certain family disagreements and try to find a compromise, without overlooking the reasons for your differences.

Libra - Focus only on pleasant activities

New opportunities will open before you this week, ones that will shake up your usual routine. You may be given an opportunity to travel, one that you shouldn't miss. Devote your time to fun and hanging out with friends, even if you hadn't initially planned on including them. You're easily going to handle any serious tasks, while this will create opportunities for having fun with something you enjoy.

Scorpio - Be active

Be active over the course of the week and even if you're on vacation, don't be tempted to laze around all day. Sign up for a gym or a sport that will get you moving physically. Get your mind moving as well, by reading more frequently, looking for new information or signing up for new classes. Try not to get into conflicts with your bosses at work, instead hear out their advice carefully.

Sagittarius - Try to find proof for your ideas

This week you're going to have to defend your positions better. You'll need to find proof in order to cement your ideas and theories. Everything that's not based on concrete facts will be subject to severe criticism. So try to lend support to your words with real arguments. Don't be afraid to face the truth over the next few days and if you find that some of your goals are unattainable, adapt as necessary.

Capricorn - Take advantage of your meetings with people

This week it's going to be easier for you to find common topics for discussion with those around you and to create new acquaintances. Use your meetings with new people to have discussions and to seek like-minded individuals for the realization of your ideas. During the 2nd half of the week, try to finish what you've already started and don't be afraid of obstacles.

Aquarius - Limit your social circle

Over the course of the week, try to limit your contacts with others around you because you'll be easily unnerved by opinions that differ from your own. Choose your words carefully and try to talk only about substantial issues that affect your work. Don't risk getting into arguments, as these will only create problems for you and others. Toward week's end, seek out some of those closest to you, in order to share your problems.

Pisces - Look for different options

Optimism and persistence will help you overcome certain difficulties this week. You can reap benefit from the situations but do try to take a different perspective on things, instead of judging based on a single viewpoint. Look for various options because this will help deliver you from certain doubts. You have an opportunity to enjoy excellent results but you need to vary your methods in order to achieve such.

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