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Weekly Horoscope Until July 27th


The week of the 21st to the 27th July will be loaded with events. On July 22nd, Uranus goes retrograde in Aries, on Wednesday the Sun will transition into fiery Leo, and on Saturday Mars enters into Scorpio.

The new moon of the month also occurs this week, with the phase of the Moon falling into Leo this Sunday. A conjunction will form between the Sun and Jupiter and the Sun and the Moon, which will favor many of our everyday tasks.

Aries - Your rebellious side will come to light

Starting this Tuesday, Uranus goes retrograde in your sign, which will lead you to rebel more than usual. The conjunction between the sun and Jupiter this Thursday will encourage you to take more risks. Financially, expect a positive development, after your sign ruler - Mars, enters into Scorpio this Saturday.


Taurus - Avoid scandals at all costs

This week it would be wise to remain tolerant and diplomatic in communication, by controlling your actions as well as your words. The days up until July 27th will predispose you to organizing your professional tasks, so focus on your future plans. With Mars going into Scorpio, the relations between you and your partner will become more passionate.

Gemini - Demonstrate your skills boldly

The conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter this Thursday will encourage you to demonstrate your talents and skills in front of others. The week is ideal for a joint venture, regardless of the direction you focus your attention in. The movement of Mars into Scorpio advises you to pay attention to your health.

Cancer - Your attention falls to finances

Issues of the financial aspect will become exceptionally important for you this week. It is possible for your income to begin to increase when the Sun enters into Leo this Wednesday, but first you need to put in more efforts. More passion and romance await you starting Saturday, when Mars goes into Scorpio.

Leo - Your energy reaches its peak

Almost all positive planets are clustered in your sign these few days, which will bring luck and happiness in high amounts. The new moon in your sign this Sunday will provide you with the strength to take on something new, while the Sun and Jupiter will favor every task of yours. Small disputes in the family are possible.


Virgo - Allow your intuition to guide you

Your intuition this week will intensify especially on the 24th, when a conjunction forms between the Sun and Jupiter. One of your greatest dreams might come true if you let yourself be impulsive and ignore your analytical nature. However, this won't be easy, since with Mars entering Scorpio, you will become even more suspicious.

Libra - Your income increases

This week, the transition of Mars from your sign into Scorpio will put an end to your financial hardships, and it is possible for you to pay off an old debt or find a new source of earning money. The week will also predispose you to organizing events where you can meet new people.

Scorpio - Successes are yet to come

The conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter will put you in the spotlight this Thursday. It's time for you to focus on the things important to you, heading with greater motivation toward your goals. Beginning this Saturday, when Mars enters your sign, you will have many more successes.

Sagittarius - The ideal week for learning

The new adventures and travels will be of great significance for you this week. You may also feel a strong motivation to learn something new, which will help you gain additional qualification. This week you will analyze feelings, which you have been unable to understand for a while.

Capricorn - Successes are yet to come


The conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter this week will make you even more ambitious and prone to risk-taking. Starting this Thursday, your optimism will get a boost and you will begin realizing most of your plans. Your social life will also be put in motion this week, with your meetings with friends and colleagues becoming more frequent.

Aquarius - You receive the necessary boost in your career

Your career this week will receive a powerful boost, after the movement of Mars bestows you with the necessary initiative and energy, with which to realize your plans. You will also enjoy your love life, after the Sun enters into Leo and provides warmth and romance in your relations with your partner.

Pisces - Impending struggles for power and control

Your energy level will visibly rise this week. You will sense a strong desire for a promotion in the professional aspect. Huge struggles for power and control are possible in your romantic relationship, but your sexual desire, as well as the passion between you and your partner, will reach their peak this week.