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Read your Weekly Horoscope Until July 16 Right Here

Weekly Horoscope

The new week begins with a tense aspect between the Sun in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn, which is going to force us to throw out everything unnecessary in our lives, even if we're afraid to do so.

But as the week progresses, the tension is going to diminish and we're going to have more opportunities for enjoying the benefits that fate provides us. The Moon is going to be journeying through Aquarius in the middle of the week and is going to encourage meeting new people and conversations.

At week's end, Mercury in Leo is going to form a harmonious aspect with Jupiter in Libra. This configuration is going to help us resolve important issues having to do with authority, institutions, bosses and administration.

Aries - Keep your anger toward others in check

At the start of the week, expect to bump heads with authoritative figures. This could happen either with your bosses or parents, with their words getting under your skin more than usual. Even if you're tense, avoid unloading your anger on people who don't deserve it. In the middle of the week, you may need support from others, so it's not wise to burn your bridges toward them. Toward the end of the week, you're going to have the opportunity to realize a long-dreamed-of goal.

Taurus - Don't take on anything important until the end of the week

The atmosphere is going to be more tense at the start of the week and there's going to be a wide gap opening between you and those around you due to fundamental differences. These may be related to practical or moral issues but your opinion will differ significantly from others', leaving you 1 step away from serious conflicts. But it is unwise to get into a war of words before you are fully certain of your own point of view. Wait until the end of the week because that is when the circumstances will clear up and you'll find out whether you were right or not.

Gemini - Think and act wisely

During the week, tension involving money may occur; and the more coolly you react, the more likely you'll deal with the problem. You may find yourself split between 2 possible options and having a difficult time picking just 1. Act wisely and think about which of these would provide you the greatest benefit in the material sense. Toward the end of the week, the situation is going to begin working itself out and the best possible option is going to present itself right in front of you.

Cancer - Talk openly with those closest to you

The beginning of the week won't be the most beneficial in the love aspect but you are going to have the opportunity to clear up some old problems. You can also discuss past situations that have sparked tension between you and some of your closest friends. There's a possibility you're feeling controlled and manipulated by others around you or believe they are lying and betraying your trust. Don't keep your emotions to yourself, instead share them because communication will allow you to smooth out the misunderstandings.

Leo - Settle things between you

It's possible that new circumstances at work will provoke your anger but it is not a good idea to bring that tension home as well. Try to settle things between you and those involved, instead of causing a scandal with every person you encounter. If you organize your efforts and are honest, you have all the chances of succeeding. Toward week's end, think about a break or short vacation with those closest to you, to forget about the problems.

Virgo - Other around you may try to control you

At the beginning of the week you're going to react sharply to every attempt of anyone around you trying to meddle in your affairs. You're going to feel as if even those closest to you don't trust you and that they are trying to manage every aspect of your life. Try to talk about this, instead of reacting to their blow with one of your own. You don't need to suppress your emotions or allow them to control your life. Share your emotions and seek understanding.

Libra - Work with your family

Familial misunderstandings are going to pop up at the beginning of the week and you're going to feel as if you're climbing Mt. Everest in your attempts to resolve them. But if you turn down the aid from others, you'll only complicate the situation. The problems may be resolved much faster if you work together with those around you, rather than insisting you take control at all costs. Toward week's end, support from your friends or partner are going to help you look more positively.

Scorpio - Solve the root of your problems

At the beginning of the week, you may be feeling more intolerant toward others and thus be annoyed by conversations and the long explanations they may have. But try to look practically even at the most trivial everyday situations. Focus on solving the root of your problems, instead of battling the consequences or blaming others. Those around you may not understand your drivenness but will show you more support toward the end of the week.

Sagittarius - Don't run from problems

This week, it's time to get a hold of yourself and bring more order to your finances. Come up with a budget, in order to figure out how you're going to accomplish your plans, and if necessary, look for an additional source of income. Instead of despairing or ignoring your problems with the expectation that they'll resolve themselves, think about what you can do to handle the situation.

Capricorn - You're going to have to make important decisions

Throughout the week, you're going to have a stronger influence on the people around you and the path you take is going to greatly depend on your decisions. It's not going to be easy to make such serious choices alone but if you evaluate the situation carefully, you'll begin on the right path. Allow those around you to give you advice and even though the final decision rests entirely on your shoulders, you can still hear out the information they provide.

Aquarius - Talk to those who have hurt you

This week, focus more on your emotional stability. You may be stressed out because of a certain event and have need of a break. Whatever's bothering you, make sure that the person responsible for your strong emotions knows about it. There's no need getting sick over something just because you want to avoid hurting another person's feelings. Conversations will free you of the tension and stress.

Pisces - Solve old problems with friends

Tension may arise between you and your friends this week. Unsolved conflicts will once again reappear and this time you'll have to clear them up, even if you find it unpleasant. Don't shy away from more serious conversations just because they may be unpleasant - you'd only be putting up barriers between you and your friends. The sooner you have these conversations, the faster you'll resolve your problems. So don't delay.