Your Weekly Horoscope Until June 17


This week we're going to be under the influence of Gemini. The Sun and Mercury are already traveling through the air sign, while the New Moon phase will occur in Gemini this week as well.

As such, the period will be suitable for all tasks related to communication, signing new agreements, trade-related documents. Share your ideas boldly, look for allies and don't be afraid to attract attention to yourself. You're going to benefit from this.

At the beginning of the week you might find yourself facing certain small problems but as long as you're persistent and decisive enough, you'll handle them. Don't be tempted to close your eyes and ignore the difficulties because this will only complicate them.

Toward the end of the week it may be harder for you to find common ground with loved ones and you'll have to be more reserved while communicating.

Aries - Be bold when making decisions

This week, try to finish off old plans of yours. Rely on your ingenuity and make decisions which will help you overcome current boundaries. Disagreements with the people around you are possible. Try to be more reserved and not be too demanding of those around you. Avoid tension during conversation, in order not to lose support that's important to you.

Taurus - Be more initiative

Throughout the week you took the initiative more often in various situations and experimented in various ways. Now you have the opportunity for an upsurge and you should not doubt your strengths and abilities. You may achieve excellent results if you believe more in yourself. Don't take too many risks at the end of the week and bet on more reliable methods, so you don't get led on.

Gemini - Prepare for difficulties

At the beginning of the week you need to be more focused on your serious tasks and even if you're facing incredible difficulties, don't give up on what you've started. Make a list of all priorities and postpone the less important tasks. In the middle of the week, be more initiative and seek collaborators that'll help you with your work. Try to be consistent and keep your word.

Cancer - Learn from your past mistakes

At the beginning of the week you may face the consequences of past failures and mistakes you've made. But as long as you don't give in to emotions and instead carefully think about your past failures, you may learn valuable lessons. Disagreements with those around you are possible but do try to smooth them out, instead of worsening them.

Leo - Don't confront those around you

The week isn't going to be an easy one for you as you'll need to defend your positions more often in front of others. Even those closest to you aren't going to find logic in your decisions and you'll have to convince them. Try to maintain self-composure while communicating because if you give in to anger and explode, you'll be left to fight for your ideas alone. Make sure to clear things up with others and decide what compromises you can make.

Virgo - Share more with others around you

This week you'll win the attention of others with ease and quickly earn approval with the ideas offered. Success will come easily, as long as you find a way to connect to others and openly share whatever's on your mind. Toward the end of the week focus on family and home, try to resolve any problems related to these. Clarify any issues related to money and seek a solution.

Libra - Misunderstandings with others are possible

This week you're going to face discord with friends and those who have until recently supported your plans. You may feel misunderstood and unappreciated by others but don't rush to assumptions. Your judgement may be flawed, while the difficulties could be temporary. Don't rush to burn bridges that can be useful. In the professional field, the opportunity for learning something new and developing new skills opens up this week.

Scorpio - Focus on personal relationships

This week, focus on your personal relationships and the ability to develop them. Look down deep and find the root of your problems with your partner, so that you can resolve them. If looking for a partner, you may find yourself more suspicious of the opposite sex. Your mood will be constantly changing, which will confuse those around you. Try not to be too harsh with your words, in order not to embitter them.

Sagittarius - Get out of your usual routine

For you, the week is going to be full of twists and turns. Surprises are in store for you both at work and in personal relationships, which will destroy your premade plans. Use the opportunities to get out of your usual routine and have more fun. At the end of the week, pay attention to your partner and do something together.

Capricorn - Communicate more

You have interesting meetings ahead, where you'll be able to forge beneficial new acquaintances. At work, try to share your responsibilities and if someone offers you help, don't refuse it. Be more social and build relationships with others, and not just for professional goals. At the end of the week, devote yourself to a well-deserved rest and forget about serious tasks.

Aquarius - Make compromises with your partner

Expect arguments related to mutual endeavors with your partner this week. Don't be too demanding toward your partner, try to look at events from their point of view as well. During the week you may not feel particularly stable in the financial aspect. It would be better if you tightened your belt, instead of looking for loans.

Pisces - Be cautious

The week is going to be emotional for you, while singles may even meet a person who will blow their mind. You'll be easily attracted by the opposite sex throughout the next few days but in order for new relationships to be successful you'll need to be more cautious. Be more cautious when it comes to spending as well - don't succumb to spontaneous buying, so you don't regret it later.

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