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This is the final week of the influence of retrograde Mercury in Aries. We'll have to wait another 7 days before we can check on the legitimacy of the information obtained over the previous few weeks.

In the days until April 15 we're also going to be under the influence of a conjunction between Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. The 2 planets invite us to unify our actions and plans for the future.

Over the course of the new week it'd be good if we thought about what we'd like to build, what we'd like to leave behind after we're gone and to come up with a plan so that our desires don't end up being just empty talk.

Be more goal-oriented and determined in order to actually realize things, don't let challenges scare you.

Aries - Prepare for hard work

Try to keep your emotions and actions under control this week, otherwise you'll agitate others against you. If you're on the verge of big changes, this is not the time to give in to weaknesses such as anger or irritability. You'll achieve success only if you pursue your ambitions and work hard. So don't give in to provocations.

Taurus - Meet new people

The week will predispose you to meeting new people and forging new contacts. This is going to be an excellent way to balance between work and pleasure. Just be careful not to be too direct when communicating because you may hurt someone's feelings. Those of you who are still looking for love have the opportunity to meet a suitable partner but you shouldn't rush into a relationship.

Gemini - Increase the romance in your daily life

This week is suitable for increasing the romance in your daily life. The opposite sex is going to recognize your charm and you're easily going to gain popularity in various social situations. Participate in different group activities because you may meet the perfect partner in one of these. During the next 7 days also follow your creative inspiration, while various forms of expression, such as music, dance or drawing, will boost your intuition.

Cancer - Spend more time with loved ones

Your sensitive and caring sides are going to be more noticeable this week. The period is suitable for romantic dates and for meeting new people. You can even share more of these moments in social networks and stimulate others to enjoy the time spent with their loved ones. Your imagination is going to be in an upsurge this week; feel free to use it to surprise loved ones.

Leo - You may meet a new love

If you're lonely, this week you'll have the opportunity to attract a caring and gentle partner, with whom you'll harmonize not just physically but emotionally as well. Look around yourself and don't allow your past failures in love to influence your self-esteem. Go out more often and meet new people. The period is also suitable for focusing on your creative projects by realizing certain old ideas.

Virgo - Build new friendships

This week you're going to be feeling good in your own skin more often than usual, while others will notice your confidence. You can take advantage of your strong charm to build new friendships and social contacts, which you're going to benefit from. Think about which of your formed relationships can become more long-term and decide carefully which individuals among your acquaintances you can count on in the future.

Libra - Watch out for opponents and enemies

The week is going to encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and take more risks to achieve your goals. But you mustn't forget about your reputation, it's wise to look to the past more often. Opponents and enemies of yours are going to try to ruin your plans. So be careful and keep an eye out at all costs. Take up long-term projects and try to keep busy with work.

Scorpio - Focus on work

You're going to have to be more cautious when it comes to quarrels and complications in the family setting. Despite the discomfort you're feeling, now is not the time to unravel the circumstances because there's a high chance of you being misunderstood. Concentrate on your career this week and try to finish your tasks within the deadlines listed. Be proactive and try to progress by taking measured risks.

Sagittarius - Be wiser with your money

This week you're going to learn how to handle your money more wisely. You're going to have to rethink past decisions of yours, related to finances, and find a way to act smarter in this field. You may feel more anxious this week but you'll have to control your irritability so it doesn't affect your work. Exercise more during the next few days in order to use up your energy, instead of accumulating it.

Capricorn - Don't take up anything new

This week you may find yourself falling into dilemmas more often, with events pulling you in opposing directions. The period is unsuitable for taking up anything new or risky without first considering your abilities well. Postpone action, instead go back and consider the consequences of your past decisions. Stress is going to be high over the coming days but will help you decide what to focus on in the future.

Aquarius - Plan your budget in detail

Several unexpected expenses may pop up this week, forcing you to reorganize your budget. Think about how you can solve the problem without taking out loans from your friends or banks, as these may cause tension that'll be difficult to handle. Focus on finishing your tasks at work within the deadline.

Pisces - Friends and acquaintances are going to help you

Your friends and new acquaintances are going to help you stabilize your income situation this week. You're going to become the center of attention more easily, while those around you will be ready to help you with any difficult situations. But you too will also need to invest effort and not rely solely on others. Be more determined and don't rush to boast without first seeing clear-cut results.

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