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Find out your Weekly Numerology Horoscope Until February 12


To find out what numerology has in store for you this week, you need to calculate your personal number. It is the sum of the date, month and year of your birth.

The numbers 11 and 22 must not be added together because they are already karmic numbers according to numerology and bring additional opportunities, as well as responsibilities.

Keep adding up the digits until you get a single digit number or 11 or 22. For example, if you were born on July 20, 1953, add up the digits of the day - 2+0=2, month number 7, and finally the digits of the year - 1+9+5+3=9.

In this case, the personal number is the sum between 2, 7 and 9, which gives us 18. Add 1+8 one final time and the result is the single digit 9.

1. You shine, wherever you go

Expect a tense but fun week. If you're confident, you can transform into a popular leader, who knows how to bring the best out of his followers. You feel as if your money is leaving your pockets at breakneck speed. Try to, if you can't increase it, to at least keep the money you already have. Whether going for a walk or to a party, you'll always find where to shine.

2. Grab the moment

This week, a wave of optimism and good mood is going to wash over you. You're fortunate in your career development. A new prospect or job is waiting for you. Even the most casual conversations may lead to unexpected opportunities. Your finances grow and this is giving you confidence. If you intend on starting a new project, it's best to ask for the advice of experts before you do. The grass isn't always greener somewhere else. Stick close to your trusted friends and routine work. Don't worry so much about your future. Focus on the simple pleasures and live in the moment.

Number 3

3. Things are going happen, as long as you believe

The events this week will take you to a crossroads. You may have gone through an emotional trauma or simply realize that your relationship isn't giving you what you need. Once you figure out what you need and believe you can have it, things will start happening. The change may be simultaneously healthy and healing. Even if you resist, someone else will make you take the decisive step. The stars recommend combining the responsibilities at work and at home more often.

4. Stress is your friend

Expect a certain amount of confusion in communication at the start of the week. Trust your intuition and do everything possible to be honest in your words and actions. Stressful situations pull the best out of you and make you focus on what needs to get done. Deprivation tests your fortitude. You may find yourself hosting an amazing party. The pleasures of good food and interesting conversations will help you remain optimistic.

5. Optimism brings you successes

Hard work and practical efforts with work-loving and intelligent people will provide you a greater sense of security. If you evaluate your business decisions and legal contracts well, you'll benefit. Your optimism is encouraging you to act and is ultimately bringing you successes. Ask for feedback in order to be sure you were understood clearly. An extravagant influence is going to encourage you to spend money. Be ready to sacrifice for someone. You'll be rewarded.

6. An abundance of luck and prosperity

The energy this week is going to bring you many new powers. You'll feel like you're on top of the world. A lot of luck is coming your way. You're going to complete every activity and task with passion and fervor. There is a risk of too much self-confidence. You feel the urge to keep everything under control. Use your good judgement in every situation. Don't give in to the temptation to break the rules. Don't allow a breach in your personal sanctity.

7. A new and fresh energy is taking over your daily routine

The energy of this week is bringing you courage and motivation. If a given project had not been interesting to you so far, today you're going to see it from a different angle and approach it with fervor. You're capable of moving mountains. You believe in your goals. You can get into politics or get involved in a humanitarian cause. People feel inspired in your presence and are ready to help you achieve your goals. It's going to be a week filled with social contacts and a positive mood. Your friendships bring you happiness. Think about whether you should go out more often.

8. You're expanding your horizons

This week you're going to be particularly successful if trying to achieve a certain goal. Do what's expected of you. Be open to new ideas. You're creative on all possible levels. The period is allowing you to think about how exactly you're going to pay for the things you love doing. Your desire to expand your horizons will lead you to restore old friendships. Some of you are going to commence looking for online savings for trips. Don't turn down invitations for going out. You're an excellent addition to any party.

9. You always achieve your goal

This week you're going to be particularly energetic. Your confidence is helping you present yourself in the best possible light. Ultimately, you achieve your goals. Your mind is full of new ideas. You're taking on too many projects at once. But as such you risk leaving behind a trail of unfinished work. Make a list, so that you're more organized. Don't forget about your friends. A confrontation with someone special to you is going to test your patience.

11. Challenges are making you stronger


All of the bridges you've been building toward your goals are going to be demolished this week. Every mental or physical challenge is actually recommended. Interesting friends and adventures around town are going to boost your social contacts. You're definitely going to have fun this week. Don't fool yourself - there is no get-rich-quick method. Be cautious when it comes to any type of gambling. Perhaps you're feeling overly confident. It's best if you used the week's energy for a passionate love relationship. You can be quite a devoted lover.

22. Look around you - the world is wonderful

You're going to be especially bitter. The reason for this will be delayed or negative reactions of people whose opinion you value. Do not let your enthusiasm be influenced by practicality. Even if you're not in a leadership position, share your vision about what should be done. Every approach that includes teamwork will lead to a slow evolution of events. Satisfaction is more important than perfection. Spend more time appreciating the things that are going on around you.