Quick Test: Do you Possess Clairvoyant Abilities?


It is said that there are a select few who are gifted with clairvoyant abilities. To find out if you are among them, try this quick test with a coin.

All you need is a single coin and a little patience. The test is based on the principle of whether you can alter the likelihood of the coin landing heads or tails. Generally speaking, when the coin is flipped 100 times, it should land 50 times on either side.

Fluctuations in this regard are explained statistically - in reality, 100 flips cannot guarantee this ratio. Statistically speaking, the greater the number of flips, the lower the percent deviation, but even after 10 000 flips, we see a deviation of 1%.

If you possess the right abilities you'll be able to change and predict the result. Find a new, clean quarter. The lighter the coin, the higher percent deviation it will yield. The goal is to try to guess on which side the coin will land as many times as possible.

Far Seer

Find a quiet place without any light. Take a sheet of paper and divide it in 2. You'll be filling out "heads" in one half and "tails" in the other. Each time you throw the coin, depending on whether it lands heads or tails, write "1st, 2nd, 3rd" throw, etc. down the rows in the corresponding half of the paper.

Sit comfortably. Pick a material that won't make the coin clatter when thrown. Concentrate on the task at hand and throw out all other thoughts from your head. Do as many practice throws as you need. Don't throw it high - let it go up to eye level. Make sure the coin always lands within your reach.

Once you're ready, start thinking about the side you want it to land on. Concentrate on it while the coin is spinning in the air. When you're ready, say "Now! " and begin counting your throws.

When it lands on the chosen side, praise the coin. This way you are boosting your abilities. You need to make several trials of 100 throws in order to make a proper assessment of your clairvoyant abilities.

The statistics are reliable - at over 62 heads/tails guessed correctly, there is evidence for clairvoyant abilities. To confirm the fact, change the coin and location of the trials several times. If you get the same results, it's time to think a bit more seriously about the potential hiding within you.

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