Today the Moon is Waning Gibbous and Brings Unexpected Events


Today's moon phase will bring paradoxes, surprising and unexpected events, as it will start its waning gibbous phase at 15 UTC in the sign of Virgo. When such an aspect occurs, astrology advises us to begin new projects.

A waning gibbous moon has an exceptionally weak and ineffective influence on Earthly processes, according to astrologers. A waning gibbous moon also has no active interaction with the other planets.

Today, everything having to do with the material aspect will develop slower and harder. The moment is suitable for getting away from the material side of your life and looking toward the spiritual.

Tend to your spiritual comfort through meditation and relaxation. Activities related to yoga and psychology are also appropriate.

Watch out for manipulation and don't listen to others' opinions because you may be more susceptible to suggestions. Only trust those closest to you.


During a waning gibbous moon we must finish tasks we've already started. Don't leave anything for tomorrow because they'll only pile up and you'll regret not finishing them on time.

Read books, go for walks and talk with friends because the day is perfect for your spiritual self-improvement. A break is advisable during this moon phase, plus it may bring you important life insights.

On this day, more intuitive persons will receive important signs of fate about their future.

Be careful if traveling during the day. It's best not to travel at all, in fact, for unforeseen difficulties may arise. There's a danger of car and machine accidents.

Don't buy anything because later it may turn out that you don't need those items. Don't start anything new because it won't progress successfully.


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