Divination with a Book

Divination with a Book


Divination using a book is seen as one of the simplest but also one of the most accurate and correct methods of predicting the future. This way of prediction can hardly be called ancient since it has existed only since books first appeared.

Before divining with a book, people often wonder which one exactly to choose. It's best for it to be your favorite book or one you have read numerous times, since it will be loaded with energy appropriate for you. This way, you will more easily receive the answers to the questions on your mind.

Once you have chosen a book, you need to be completely alone in the area, turn off your phone and TV in order to concentrate.

Grab the book with both hands and mentally ask the question which you're interested in.

Book Divination

Close your eyes and do nothing for a few seconds. Then there are 2 options: either think of a page and line or open the book without looking and place your finger somewhere on the page.

Once you have read the line, you need to answer the question which interests you yourself and interpret thus received information.

The sentence you have chosen contains important information for you; however, it is coded, which is why you must figure out the message.

If you've ended up with a description of a natural landscape, keep in mind that a hurricane or storm portend a bad future, while rain and sun are harbingers of happiness. If there is a lake, sea or river in the nature description, this means that everything will go the way you want in love.

The book you are to use for peering into the future needs to be a literary work. It is pointless to use reference books and dictionaries for divination, since you won't find a sentence which can be decoded in them. It is good to use a thick book in order to have greater leeway.

Whenever you mentally ask the question, try to be specific. Abstract questions will not easily give you the desired answers.


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