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What Leads to Poor Sleep?


Sleep is the time when the body rests, regenerates and restores all of its systems. Lack of it, aside from leading to headaches, disrupting the activities of the different organs and systems, can also disrupt our psychological balance with the occurrence of depressive states. There are however a few different reasons responsible for the lack of a good night's sleep and perhaps, if we change them, we might sleep better?

One of the reasons might be the impossibility to properly dim the room in which we sleep or the presence of a turned on TV, lamp and others. This makes the brain think that it's time to wake up, it doesn't produce enough of the hormone melatonin (produced by the pineal gland), which induces sleep and leads to the lowering of body temperature during this process. If the room is too hot, this also has an influence on sleep, which is why it's best to avoid such conditions.

The one thing that you should be aware of is physical exercises, which disrupt sleep if done up to 3 hours before bed. This leads to an increase in metabolism, a feeling of restlessness and frequent wakings during the night.

Of course, one should not overdo the caffeine doses at nighttime. Besides keeping us fresh, they excite us to such a degree that it is difficult to sleep calmly. And if you add in a cigarette, the situation becomes even more complex. The fact is that smoking is a type of stimulant.

In some cases, watching TV in the evening with the goal of becoming sleepy can lead us to the opposite effect. It is believed that by watching TV shows, the brain is stimulated and awakened.


Also, it often happens that during the light nighttime wakings, a person begins to think about various problems, that they try to solve even during the night. The advice here is for everyone to strive for more positive and non-engaging thoughts as much as possible.

Eating foods rich in protein late at night can also ruin your sleep because they require a lot of energy to be absorbed. And this will influence your nighttime rest.

A hormonal imbalance in the body before or during menstruation for example can also be a reason, as well as during climax or menopause.

In any case, it is vitally important to find the reason for the lack of sleep because it has a negative effect on both work and communication. It makes people agitated and unhappy. If necessary, seek a consultation with a homeopath for the aid of a medicinal herb.



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