Psychological Tricks for Concentration


If you want to solve a given problem, you must learn how to concentrate on it. One of the techniques for doing this effectively is to think hard on the problem in a quiet place by yourself.

Think about its color, shape, the material it is made from, its intended purpose.

Analyze these facts and remember all of the information you have about the problem. This way, you may gradually find its solution. Have a conversation with yourself in your head. The most important thing is to teach your consciousness to generate a constant flow of thoughts, related to the object of your concentration.

Your thoughts must be like oil, which continuously trickles slowly from a bottle with a narrow opening. Until the flow of thoughts focused on the object stops, you will concentrate solely on it.


You must have the will to think critically on the object you're concentrating on. Keep thinking about it even when your consciousness quits and tries to focus on other problems. Keep going back to the issue you must solve again and again, in order to finally overcome it.

Imagination is also important - with closed eyes you must summon the mental image of the object of concentration in your consciousness.

In the beginning, your ability of mental visualization might seem difficult but with time you will get used to it.

After you are done with all concentration exercises, which must not last longer than half an hour, immediately stop thinking about the object.

You will be surprised how quickly you will solve the problem. The solution will come within hours, without even thinking about it.

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