A Brazilian Man Rises from the Grave


A Brazilian man that was buried while still alive, scared a woman half to death, while she was passing near the graveyard in São Paulo.

The terrified woman explained that she heard groans from the earth as she was walking toward the grave of a loved one.

She looked around, at first thinking that a homeless animal was playing nearby but the sound increased in strength.

A few minutes later, the woman noticed that one of the graves was moving, with human hands sticking out of it.

The horrified woman screamed and ran from the graveyard.

After getting to a safe place she called the police, who thought that she was playing some kind of ridiculous joke on them.

Since the police dismissed her claims, the Brazilian woman turned to the graveyard personnel and made them come with her to the grave in question.


It turned out that the woman was not imagining things but that indeed, a man came to life in the grave. He was a worker in City Hall.

The man had been buried days before, while falling unconscious due to powerful blows after a street fight.

Medical personnel declared him dead and the man was quickly buried.

But to everyone's surprise, the man was still alive, and once he awoke in the grave, began to dig with with own hands.

It is so far uncertain whether the man will sue the personnel that buried him alive.


The 56-year-old Polish man Marek Michalski, who was also a victim of medical rashness, intends to bring a trial against the medical workers that pronounced him dead.

The curious incident with Mikulski happened in the town of Piotrkow.

The man was found on a bench by passersby.

Emergency personnel found that the man overdosed on alcohol and showed no signs of life.

The doctors transported the "body" to the morgue and once they began the autopsy, the man suddenly came to life.

Now, Marek Michalski has made up his mind to sue the hospital for what happened to him, after suffering from nightmares and being unable to sleep normally.

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