Have I Lived Here Before?


Have I lived here before? - it is possible that nearly every person has asked themselves this question. This explains why some places that you have never visited seem very familiar and you may even recognize the smallest details.

Is it necessary to go under hypnotic regression in order to find out who you were in past lives? It is thought that after death, our souls return to a parallel world.

The fact is that there are massive amounts of scientific evidence of the past lives of many people. Children up to 5 years of age might have very vivid memories of cultures, which they should know no details of.

In some universities throughout the world, there are even departments for investigating past lives, which arise in the memories of small children.

Dreamy City

When they begin talking about the past, the kids tell unusual stories, which no one believes because the parents think that they are simply part of the imaginary world of the child.

Often, however, these are memories from past reincarnations, which the soul has not yet forgotten. Whenever something happens to you that you know for a fact has happened to you before, we are talking about déjà vu.

This is experienced by many people at least once or twice during their lives. These are actually memories of their past lives. They can also be witnessed in dreams.

If you are convinced that you have lived in a place that seems extremely familiar, and can even imagine the types of actions you have done there, this is without a doubt a part of a past life.

Whenever you have such feelings, record them using a voice recorder so that you can recall them later to the slightest details. Lie down in a peaceful, quiet room, relax and concentrate your thoughts on this place.

Once you are at the threshold of sleep, your memories will become clear and you will remember other details of your past reincarnations. In this way you can get over the strange fears in your current life, that have tortured you for no reason.

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