What are Space Jellyfish?

Space jellyfish

Space jellyfish, also known as star jellies is the phenomenon that occurs during a meteor shower. Instead of a meteorite, a small piece of stone or metal, strange stuff that looks like a jellyfish falls to Earth from space.

For over several centuries, people around the world have discovered space jellyfish that have fallen after a meteor shower. They are lumps of yellowish or translucent jelly which has a terrible odor.

When a person touches a space jellyfish, it collapses. Although this mysterious phenomenon has been described for hundreds of years, no one has been able to analyze the strange substance. The reason is that it breaks down too quickly when touched. So, no scientist has ever been able to take a specimen for analysis.

In UK folklore, space jellyfish are even mentioned in the XIV century. Even then, people were convinced that they were not of terrestrial origin and perceived them as a mysterious threat.

For the ancients, the substance was not only strange, but also of a threatening origin. They thought they are an ominous omen for the entire area where many such pieces of jelly fell.

Space jelly

In 1950, in Philadelphia, a large piece of star jelly came down. It had a length of about 6.5 ft (2 meters). When the police tried to lift it off the ground, it turned into a sticky foam immediately. The awful smell that was emitted from the jelly immediately disappeared when it turned to foam.

It is not yet clear what their composition is, nor exactly how to guess where they might fall. There are even hypotheses that space jellyfish are of terrestrial origin.

Some scholars believe that the mysterious jelly may represent some form of life, which for unclear reasons has not been noticed by biologists in the past.

Another hypothesis suggests that they are the remains of prehistoric animals that orbit around in the atmosphere and for unknown reasons fall to the ground from time to time, turning to jelly.

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