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What Prominent Scientists are Saying about the Zombie Apocalypse


All we can do is be thankful for the unbelievable tempo at which science is developing. Even as we speak, the world's greatest minds are at work trying to resolve the problems plaguing humanity, to cure diseases that kill millions, to answer the question of how exactly the Earth was created and how we should prepare for a potential zombie apocalypse.

Though that last part may convey a certain dose of humor, the fact is numerous world-renowned scientists are wracking their brains with the issue. Below are several examples.

Theory of zombification of the brain

In 2007, world famous neuroscientists Timothy Verstynen and Bradley Voytek published the book Everything About Brain Zombification. In it, they take a scientific look at what would happen during zombification of the brain, or in other words, what would happen if the control center of the body was infected with a zombie virus. According to them, an individual can turn into a zombie if they experience severe basal ganglia damage. Their theory is that the zombie virus is similar to Parkinson's disease.

The CDC has an emergency plan for a zombie apocalypse


The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention has a plan of action in case of a zombie apocalypse. At the first signs of such, the institute intends to immediately warn the public to store food, water and batteries and not leave their homes until the crisis is resolved. Additionally, mobile labs have been prepared to allow scientists to work on finding a vaccine against the virus, while at the same time protecting them from advancing zombies.

The Pentagon has an emergency plan for stopping a zombie apocalypse

The Pentagon has written a document titled "CONPLAN 8888", whose goal is to inform major American institutions how to counter a zombie invasion. It calls for mobilizing all available assets for stopping the crisis. The plan is highly detailed, listing options on how to react if the Air Force or Navy finds itself out of action.

The mathematical model for surviving the zombie apocalypse

Canadian mathematician Robert Smith from the University of Ottawa has developed a specialized mathematical model for surviving a zombie apocalypse. He claims that a zombie pandemic would indeed be apocalyptic and lead to a collapse of civilization. His plan calls for immediate quarantine in this kind of scenario, as well as urgent measures for developing a cure. But Smith believes our only hope is to kill as many zombies as possible.



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