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Numerological compatibility between people

Numerological compatibility between people

Are you in love and want to see if the numbers are on your side? See if you are suitable for each other by finding the coefficient of compatibility with your partner.

Calculate the date of your birth and date of your mate’s and see what the numbers say. The calculation is just a gathering of the numbers. For example, if you were born in 18, 1 +8 = 9, and your partner 5. The sum is 14 and 1 +4 = 5. Your number is 5. Consistency is measured from 1 to 9, so we need to bring the sum up to a single-digit number.

1 - You're a nice couple, but your wants are not always a match. Both of you are striving for self improvement and will not give up easily. Be patient with one another, in order to live in harmony.

2 - Between you, there is a romantic attraction and the same levels of sensitivity. Before heading to the altar, check your material situation and will truly be the perfect couple.

3 - Speaks of passion, the sexual aspect in your relationship moves others. In other areas, you have slightly superficial notions. Spend some time together in the beginning and get to know each- other before you get married.

4 - Unfortunately you are more like friends, but you do not love each other very much. Your relationship is based on mutual understanding. You may be searching for exciting extra- caaricular sexual experiences.

Number Seven

5 - Each of you is wild about your own personality, your union is unstable, but exciting. Change in character in needed for your relationship to last a long time.

6 - You are incredibly happy with each other, causing envy in others. You completely belong to one- another and you've built your own world, filled with joy.

7 – You push each other away too much and it is difficult to be a stable couple. Believe in yourself and care for one another. Do not let minor problems or insults drive you apart.

8 - Between you, there is serious confrontation. You fight for dominance in a relationship, but that will not significantly harm yours. You care for each other and are immune from enemies.

9 - Good sex and attraction between you maintains your relationship. Do not rush to serious commitments blindly. First you need to settle down and then take further action.



5 1
4 2
3 0
2 0
1 0
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