Talismans to protect from anger


Gemstones make talismans, which have different tasks. These talismans can be given in the form of jewelry or wrapped in cloth and always wear them close to your body.

Those who want to be happy and cheerful, must wear them close to the body garnet. People who feel lonely and unhappy, you must use emerald.

Talisman of Diamond gives hardness and strength, and happiness. Agate protects against envy. The owner of the talisman of topaz will feel his anger melt away, and find more new friends.

Women whose men have a drinking habit, must have a talisman of amethyst. If you feel constant fear in a thunderstorm, the talisman is red coral.

Give your spouse a talisman of sapphire and this will ensure happiness in love. Love will keep them happy longer, with the mascot of turquoise.

Necklace of Pearls helps to overcome the pains of love without reciprocity. Women who want to protect themselves from night nightmares must bear the crystal.

Aquamarine is a stone of love and keeps marital happiness, helping to bring prosperity in life. People who are sick should wear around their neck jade or malachite.

People with a strong spirit, who have lost confidence in their own forces, should wear close to their body an onyx amulet. Talismans of zircon improve mental abilities.

For travelers, a suitable talisman is beryl, it favors the persistence of feelings. Chalcedony helps mental weakness.

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