Five ways to believe in yourself

Self Confidence

There are things that prevent us from feeling more confident and happy - a mole on face, big nose or size of the thighs.

There is also thought that maybe that's what makes us unique. One must know that nothing is impossible in life. Not by accident is it believed that our thoughts are tangible. So place your order to change something in yourself. Start with something small - introspection, then follow your plan, improve yourself in many ways.

Self Confidence

Learn to plan your lives. Take a rule that every day must pass a certain level. Try to plan not only meetings but also behavior, clothes and even dialogues with colleagues, relatives or superiors.

Once you learn to live a certain strategy, many of the problems will begin to be solved easily. Take note of the sport. If you are unnecessarily emotional, too aggressive or the opposite - too soft and pliable, this is an excellent universal and most effective way to get rid of your shortcomings and become stronger.

It is best to choose a type of martial arts. It is also recommended to choose the kind of sport that will help you improve your figure and believe in your own attractiveness.

You can use the method of psychological drama. This is a way to bring internal conflicts and experiences to an imaginary scene. Something like a solo performance.

Mentally, a scene is played in my head, and I choose an interesting role. Try during the game to see any of your shortcomings. Rate what really is bothering you in life and if others do notice it.

If there's something in your appearance, you do not like, do not try to hide it. Be brave and show mostly to yourself that you are striking and individualistic, as you are. Your confidence will make you and others to adopt the same mindset.

Laugh. People love and respect those who can laugh at their own shortcomings. Do not treat life too seriously, and be to yourself - critical. More often joke with your shortcomings and your peers will feel sincere sympathy for you.

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08.12.2012 22:58
how we can subscribe ur blog. its very very informative and interesting

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