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Can Animals predict?

Blak Cat

If a butterfly comes into your home, it predicts that guests are coming soon, says an ancient Slavic tradition. If it is bright in color, you will soon receive good news concerning your privacy.

But if the butterfly is dyed in dark colors, the news will most likely be bad. Never kill fluttering butterflies around your house and do not chase them, just leave the window open. The butterfly will bring misfortune if you kill it.

If cats emerge around your house, this is a sign of future failures, especially if they are black cats. But this is an obsolete remnant of the times in which cats had been associated with witches.

Reddish cats bring good luck, which comes after a series of failures, and white cats are holders of good news. If you find a horse shoe, save it, because it is charged with positive energy.


The meeting with a cow is one of the best characters that fate sends you. The cow is a symbol of prosperity and welfare.

If a dog tries to come into your home, without force is a good sign. A dog that wants to live with you, is really a good sign. This bodes acquaintance with people who will become your true friends.

A black dog will bring you prosperity and protection, a reddish dog will bring you prosperity and happiness, and a white dog will bring love and future romantic relationships.

Locusts that fall into your home or around it, foreshadow the emergence of smart and capable people near you. They are the harbingers of the coming glory of you.

Ladybirds in your home, predict that soon you will visit friends who you have not seen for a long period.

If a frog jumps into your home or close around it, it will bring big money.



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29.06.2014 11:43
all this is in a dream or in real life?