Skeleton of Revered Viking Shocks Scientists! Turns out it Belonged to a Woman


Swedish researchers have come upon shocking facts after examining the remains of a Viking warrior. Even though it was initially believed that the mysterious warrior was male, the results from their analysis proved the exact opposite - the Viking was in fact a woman.

The Viking remains were originally buried in a grave in the region of Birka. Swedish experts unearthed them toward the end of the 19th century. Besides the female Viking in question, there were more than 3000 buried warriors found there. This has lead scientists to think that the area was inhabited by the warrior society, while also raising many questions among the present-day population.

The found skeleton of the woman has been dated to the 10th century. When researchers first encountered it, they offered conflicting opinions. Some believed that it belonged to a man, since all of the symbols around it were indicators of high status. Others did not agree. Ultimately, the tests proved categorically that the Viking was indeed female.

In the woman's grave they also found arrows, knives, horse bones, a sword, ax, shields - all items that point to the woman's high position in the military hierarchy, researchers say.

The Swedish researchers' discovery is of vast importance when it comes to learning more about the mysterious world of the Vikings. Until now, it was believed that only men were bestowed high ranks but it looks as though that is not the case. Apparently, we have yet to resolve many of the mysteries shrouding the northern tribes.

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