Napoleon had a phobia of cats


All great men have their fears and phobias. French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte had a fear of cats.

By this curious detail Brazilian psychiatrist who was of Russian origin, Igor Gavrilo, examined in detail the correspondence of Napoleon.

The great conqueror was afraid of what his wife, Josephine says good and faithful creatures that purr. His shyness was incurable.

Phobia of cats is called Felinophobia.

This phobia was not unique to Napoleon. Born on the island of Corsica, the Emperor had a complex about his small height of which was only 160 centimeters.

Napoleon Bonaparte also suffered from an annoying itch that at the beginning of the XIX century was incurable. The French emperor constantly kept one hand under his coat to scratch.

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dolly taneja
dolly taneja
19.04.2013 12:27
could have been lots better u stud!!!!!!!

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