The Zika Virus is an Evil Conspiracy! Analyze the Theories


The World Health Organization has declared the Zika virus a threat to the entire human race. After this alarming announcement, several conspiracy theories about the origins of the virus emerged.

Some culprits include evil corporations and even the Rockefeller family.

Theory 1 - A virus for controlling birthrates

It's a fact that the Earth's population is growing and at these rates we will overpopulate the Earth within just a few years, without enough resources such as food and water for everyone. From here we see the logic for the 1st theory.

It is believed that the mass vaccinations of pregnant women in Brazil in the year 2014, one year prior to the emergence of Zika, was all done to spread the virus. The goal was to decrease the number of healthy babies being born and thereby control the number of people on Earth.

Theory 2 - The virus is a biological weapon


Authors of this theory assert that Zika arose out of genetically modified mosquitoes. The mosquitoes in turn are a biological weapon experiment and were released for testing in several cities in Brazil.

But opponents of this theory point that Zika virus cases were also registered in Great Britain, even though the 1st babies with microcephaly were born in Brazil.

Theory 3 - The virus is the doing of the Rockefeller family

The world has been talking about Zika for several months now but the virus has been on record in US archives going back to 1947. The description states that it was created by order of the Rockefeller family. Samples of the virus are kept by the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC).

At the ATCC they really do have pathogenic bacterial species and Zika is one of them. However, scientific communities do not have access to the stored samples at this time, since the process for getting permission is a long one.

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