Cannibals Detained in Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea police are taking emergency action against the cannibals living on the island nation.

Even though we're now living in the 21st century, there are still tribes and communities living in remote island regions that feed on human flesh and partake in horrifying rituals that have to do with cruel murders of human tribes, reports the British Telegraph.

Law enforcement from the country located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean have detained 54 people living in a remote rural area along the local Fly River. They are accused of killing and eating 3 of their fellow villagers and using their heads for black magic rituals.

World media report that more than 60 heavily armed police officers took part in the operation. After it concluded, 30 of them remained behind in the village to maintain law and order around the populated area since a high percentage of the remaining villagers expressed turbulent discontent toward the arrests.

A special commission, appointed by the governor of the region which the village belongs to, will be further looking for and investigating evidence of the terrifying crimes that were carried out.

This is not the first time that Papua New Guinea police have had to take immediate and severe measures against cannibals. In the past, these practices were highly widespread in nearly the entire territory of the nation but were largely suspended with the coming of German colonists.


During the 20th century there were isolated cases of cannibalism mainly in the populated areas near the dense jungles of the island.

But since the beginning of the 21st century, especially in rural regions, there has been a sort of cannibalistic renaissance of the old ways. Analysts still cannot explain this fact.

Since 2009, local authorities have been constantly receiving signals of cases of cannibalism and the spread of sinister religious cults. Victims are beheaded and eaten, while their huts burned.

"Once the murderers cut off the heads of their victims they took them with them to later use in magic rituals. We cannot allow this to continue. We're living in the 21st century, " said Police Commander of the Western Province of Papua New Guinea, Chief Inspector Silva Sika.

He is dead set on rooting out cannibalism in the province entrusted to him by the end of his term in 2018.

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